What is the RAD methodology

Possible learning path


 Preliminary handstand exercises (Clipcoach)

Exercise on a mat with a line in the direction of the gymnastics
Foot and hand points is drawn.
Feet and hands are placed one after the other in the direction of the gymnastics.

Initially, the zone can be kept relatively wide, gradually becoming
tries more and more to adhere to the given line.

Gymnastics through a mat alley can provide additional help.
Two soft floor mats are placed on a floor exercise mat or mat track
set up. The smooth surface of the soft floor mats faces inwards.
Immediately signaled when you touch the soft floor mat with your legs,
that the body / legs were not straight.

The exercise can also be performed from an elevated starting position.
The mat staircase is (initially) preferable to the box staircase.
The width of the steps can be varied as desired by moving the mats.

Pre-cycling exercises (videos) at Clipcoach