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i have win98 and had a trial version of the adcsee5.0 image viewer installed for a while. since then i have had the following problem: if i want to access the symbol for drive c: (hard disk) from my workstation by double-clicking, the setup program of this program is opened instead (with instantshild). I have long since uninstalled the program itself, but the setup.exe actually still exists. Removing is useless, because when accessing c: from the workstation the missing file will be reminded. Mind you, the whole thing only happens when you open it with a double click on the drive symbol in the workplace; when you open it via the context menu, I can access the drive normally. also via windows explorer.
an autorun function is apparently being set in motion, but i don't know how to turn it off. I have not found an assignment in folder options / file types. I found the entry of setup.exe in the registry (as a value under HKEY-CLASSES-ROOR-AutoRun-2-Shell-AutoRun-command). if I change something there, the program will be entered again the next time windows start. I also don't know enough about the registry.
has someone ever had a similar problem and can help me ??? I hardly ever access the drives from my workstation anyway, but the thing just annoys me terribly. thank you in advance

I've figured it out myself in the meantime. in case someone is just as inexperienced as I am: the trial version simply left an autorun.inf file on C: in which setup.exe was entered and which had to be deleted.
is that actually common with trial versions or is it rather strange? I only really knew autorun.inf from cd-roms gruss o

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