Judge God for each of our actions

The eternal judgment

Teachings of Brigham Young

We will be judged by our works, words and thoughts, and how we have dealt with the truth

This is a world in which we should prove ourselves. Life is meant to be a test time for people. Here, in our darkness and weakness, where the enemy rules, we can prove that we are friends and receive light from the Father, and we are worthy to be guides to our children - to become lord of lords and king of kings - worthy To rule perfectly over all of our children who will be crowned with glory and eternal life in the celestial kingdom. (DBY, 87.)

I know that the day of judgment will come soon for you and for me; and it will not be long before we have to lay down this earthly cover and go into the spirit world. And I also know that if we lie down, judgment will find us, and that is what the scriptures say: “Wherever the tree falls, it will lie” [Ecclesiastes 11: 3.] In other words that: just as death leaves us lying, judgment will find us. (DBY, 382.)

Death brings the most powerful monarch on a par with the poorest, starving beggar; and both must stand before the judgment seat of Christ to answer for the works they have done in the body. (DBY, 445.)

Everyone should believe as they please and live according to their convictions; namely, everyone can choose or reject it at will. You can serve God or deny him at will. It is true that one must be judged by God for all of this and must be accountable to him; namely, he has the right to be accountable for what one does in the body. (DBY, 67.)

Time and the ability to work are the capital stock of all mankind, and we all owe the ability to use our time to our benefit to God. He will hold us strictly accountable for how we have used this ability. (DBY, 301.)

The children of men will be judged according to their works, good or bad. When a good person's days are filled with good works, he will be rewarded accordingly. On the other hand, if his days are filled with bad deeds, he will get something accordingly. ... When will people finally realize that this is the time when they should begin to lay the foundation of their exaltation for time and eternity, that this is the time when they receive and from the heart to the glory and glory of God To bear fruit as Jesus did. (DNW, April 13, 1854, 1.)

All who believe, have an honest heart, and produce fruit of righteousness are the elect of God and heirs of all. All who refuse to obey the sacred commandments of the Lord and the ordinances of His house will be judged by what has come out of their mouths, will find themselves guilty, as they are already doing, will be deemed unworthy and have no part with the righteous. (DBY, 383f.)

“Well,” says one, “if I'm pretty sure I'll get a level of glory that is better than this, I probably won't bother to inherit more.” Well, you can yes to risk, everyone on earth is free to do so. The gospel is proclaimed, sin is resurrected, some die, and some fight against it - some accept it and some do not; but that is the sin of men - they hear the truth and reject it. That is the sin of the world. “Light came into the world, but people love darkness more than light, for their deeds are evil.” [See John 3:19.] This is what Jesus said in his day. We say, here is the gospel of life and salvation, and glory, honor, immortality and eternal life belong to all who receive it; if you discard it, you do so at your own risk. (DBY, 384.)

When the light of the knowledge of God comes to a person and he rejects it, he is found guilty. (DBY, 383.)

The principles of eternal life presented to us are there to exalt us to power and to keep us from deterioration. If we choose to go the opposite way and internalize and practice the principles that lead to death, it is our own fault. If we do not obtain the salvation we seek, we will admit that we have secured every reward due to our actions and that we have acted according to the independent agency we are given, and we will because of it our own words will judge whether we are justified or found guilty. (DNW, August 17, 1859, 1.)

We are judged by how we "live according to the best light we have"

From childhood to this day I have found it utter nonsense to talk about the people of the earth being irretrievably lost - about my father and mother and about your parents, about our ancestors, who are according to the best light that they can had lived faithfully to say such a thing, namely, that because they did not have the everlasting covenant and the holy priesthood in their midst, they must go to hell and burn there for eternity. I think that's nonsense; it always was and still is today. (DBY, 384.)

One must know the ways of God before one can become ungodly. Someone may be a sinner, they may be dishonest, they may be wicked, but they have never heard of the plan of salvation, they do not even know the story of the Son of Man, nor have they ever heard the name of the Savior, and perhaps not even the story of his life on earth but has been instructed in unbelief by his tradition and upbringing; but in order to be godless in the strict sense of the word, he must know the divine being to a certain extent. (DBY, 384.)

As for mortality, millions of people on earth live according to the best light they have - the best knowledge they have. I have told you many times that they are preserved according to their works; and all who live by the best principles they have or can understand will receive peace, glory, comfort, joy, and a crown far beyond what they expect. You will not be lost. (DBY, 384.)

If [people] have a law, whatever it is, and act to the best of their ability, they will have a glory beyond your imagination, including any description I could give; you cannot even imagine the slightest part of the glory of God prepared by his hand for his beings. (DBY, 385.)

I tell every priest on the ground: I don't care if you are Christian, pagan or [Muslim], live by the best light you have; and if you do, you will receive all the glory you have ever imagined. (DBY, 384f.)

All but the sons of perdition will ultimately inherit a kingdom of glory

Jesus' disciples were to live with him. Where will the rest of them go? In realms that are prepared for them, where they will live and exist. Jesus, by virtue of his redemption, will bring forth every son and daughter of Adam except the sons of perdition who will be cast into hell. Others will suffer the wrath of God - will suffer all that the Lord can ask of them or what righteousness can ask of them; and when they have suffered the wrath of God until the last penny is paid, they will be brought out of prison. Is that a dangerous lesson? Some consider them dangerous; but it is true that every person who does not sin away the day of grace and becomes an angel of the devil will be brought up to inherit a kingdom of glory. (DBY, 382.)

They will prove themselves to be more faithful to the faith than to apostate. A certain class of this people will enter the celestial kingdom while others cannot enter there because they cannot bear a celestial law; but they will get as good a kingdom as they want and for which they live. (DBY, 383.)

All these different glories are ordained to correspond to the abilities and requirements of the people. (DNW, August 13, 1862, 2.)

We read in the Bible that there is the glory of the sun, then another glory - that of the moon - and then another glory - that of the stars [see 1 Corinthians 15: 40–42]. In the Doctrine and Covenants [see D&C 76] we read that these glories are called telestial, terrestrial, and celestial, which is the highest. These are worlds, different departments or apartments in our father's house. Now those people who do not know more about the power of God and the influence of the Holy Spirit than that they let themselves be completely guided by another person, switch off their mind and hang on to someone else's coat with their faith, will never be able be to enter into celestial glory and be crowned as they imagine it; they will never be able to become gods. You cannot control yourself, let alone control another, but have to be instructed in every little detail like a child. They cannot control themselves in the slightest, but James, Peter or someone else must control them. They can never become gods, nor can they be crowned as rulers with glory, immortality and eternal life. You can never hold a scepter of glory, majesty, and power in the celestial kingdom. Who else? Those who are brave, who are inspired by the true independence of Heaven, who boldly go forward in the service of their God, leaving it to others to do what they want, determined to do what is right even when all the rest of the people do the opposite Walk away. (DBY, 382f.)

If the wicked had to come into the presence of the Father and the Son in their sins, hand in hand with those who believe that all will be saved - that Jesus leaves no one behind, their situation would be more agonizing and unbearable than when they are in the lake of burning sulfur. The doctrine of the fatalist hands the infant, who does not yet measure a span, to hell, while the adulterer, the fornicator, the thief, the liar, the perjurer, the murderer and every other obnoxious character when he is merely on the gallows or on the deathbed repented, being forced into the presence of the Father and the Son by the same doctrine, which would be hell for him if he really got there. (DBY, 385.)

God's punishment is godlike. It lasts forever because there will never be a time when there are no people to be damned, and there must always be a hell to send them to. I don't know how long the damned stay in hell, nor what degree of suffering they have to endure. If we could somehow work out how great their wickedness is, maybe it would be possible to find out how much they suffer. They will suffer according to the deeds they have done in the body. God's punishment is eternal, but that does not prove that a bad person remains in a state of punishment forever. (DBY, 383.)

Suggestions for studying

We will be judged by our works, words and thoughts, and how we have dealt with the truth

  • President Young taught: “Life is meant to be a trial time for man.” What should we prove to God while living in mortality?

  • What will we be held accountable for on Judgment Day? (See also Alma 12:14; 41: 3.)

  • Who Are God's Chosen?

  • President Young taught: “We are judged by our own words.” How do we know if we are “justified or found guilty”?

  • President Young taught that we will also be judged by how we used our time. Why is it so important how we use our time? How would you rate the way you spend your time now? What have you learned from fellow Church members, friends, and neighbors about how to make good use of your time?

We are judged by how we "live according to the best light we have"

  • What circumstances or conditions in a person's life will mitigate the Lord's judgment on him? How can we apply this principle to the way we view people whose beliefs are different from ours?

  • According to President Young, on what condition will people in the afterlife receive “peace, glory, comfort, joy, and a crown far beyond what they expect”?

All but the sons of perdition will ultimately inherit a kingdom of glory

  • Why could the wicked who die in their sins not bear to dwell with the Father and the Son? (See also Mormon 9: 3, 4; D&C 88:22.)

  • President Young taught that Heavenly Father's children “will have as good a kingdom as they want and live for”. How can we determine whether we are living worthy of the kingdom we desire?

  • President Young taught that all human beings, except the sons of perdition, will ultimately inherit a kingdom of glory. What does this tell you about Heavenly Father's righteousness and mercy? What does it tell you about how much he loves his children?