Why did Donald Trump come to Twitch

Update: Donald Trump with a new mouthpiece

Update from 05/05/2021: Former US President Donald Trump has launched his own social media platform. It's called "From the Desk of Donald J Trump". It's a blog that looks like Twitter - except that only the ex-president himself has a say.

His supporters would at least have the opportunity to spread Trump's statements, so to speak, through a back door on Twitter and Facebook, as reported by "heise.de". The short messages could be shared with a few clicks as a quote and link on the online platforms and given a "like" heart. Subscribers could also be notified of new posts.

After his banishment from Twitter, Facebook, Youtube and the like, Trump was dependent on sending his statements by email. Before that, his Twitter account with over 80 million followers was by far his most important communication channel, as "Heise" continues.

Original message from March 23, 2021: Donald Trump is planning his own social media platform. Blocked on Twitter, blocked on Facebook, blocked on Instagram, blocked on Twitch. Now Donald Trump is planning his return to social media - with his own platform. This was announced by Trump's former campaign advisor and current Senior Adviser Jason Miller in an interview with Fox News, as reported by Der Standard, among others.

One can expect Donald Trump to return to social media in the next two to three months. The platform is the "hottest ticket" and will redefine the game, said Miller, while he did not save on superlatives. On Trump's luxury property Mar-a-Lago in Florida there have already been several meetings with teams who want to support the ex-president in his plan, more than one company has contacted Trump.

Miller did not want to give more details at this point, but emphasized: "The President knows in which direction he wants to go." Trump will bring "millions and millions, tens of millions" of people to the new platform. Donald Trump lost the US presidential election to Democrat Joe Biden in November 2020. Apparently, this does not prevent Miller from continuing to refer to him as "President Trump".

Donald Trump's agent announces his return to social media.

Trump, who had around 88 million followers on his Twitter profile, was banned from the platform in January. Supporters of the ex-president stormed the Capitol in Washington, five people were killed. Trump has been accused of inciting his supporters to do so. Twitter justified Trump's suspension with the "risk of further incitement to violence," followed by the Facebook and Instagram networks and the Twitch streaming platform. Twitter, in particular, was a popular means of communication for Trump before and during his presidency.

After Trump's expulsion, Microsoft's CEO called for clear rules for social networks, as you can read here.