How do I manage contacts in Gmail

Edit and manage Google contacts: tips and tricks

If you want to edit your Google contacts, you can do this easily via the contact list in the browser. You can find out here how to proceed and what exactly you can manage.

Manage via the contact list

The easiest way to edit Google contacts on the PC is to open the contact list. You can find this, for example, via the Gmail start page and the "Contacts" field. All your contacts are clearly listed here. If you would like to edit a specific name, simply click on it.

Editing of the contact is linked to a gray pencil symbol. Make the change in the respective column - for example for the address - and save the whole thing with a click at the top right. The contact can be deleted by clicking on "More" or on the three vertical dots and then selecting "Delete contact".

Edit Google Contacts: Clear groups

Groups also make it easier for you to manage contacts. If you would like to add a contact to a group, select the respective contact from the list. You can now add it to a group by clicking on the "Groups" button. If you want to remove him from a group instead, you follow the same procedure: you select the person, click on "Group" and select the group from which you want to remove him.

Important: You have no access to contacts and circles from Google's social network Google+ via this menu. You can only edit these separately on Google+.

(As of June 2016)