Which film shouldn't have a sequel

Killed by the predecessor: Planned sequels that didn't work out - Part 2

Animated by your suggestions for the first part, we decided to add a second (and third) part of our special about the lost sequels that your predecessor turned the juice off. A decision that you made easy for us and that was not difficult for us because there are many more such fates out there, sometimes regrettable, sometimes completely justified.

The focus this time is on films with a more youthful target group, but that doesn't mean that not those like Battleship 2, Alien vs. Predator 3 or Jumper 2 Have found their place. Also included are those that were never realized I am number 4-Continuation, Chronicles of the Underworld 2 - City of Ashes, Dragonball Evolution 2, Eragon 2 and Percy Jackson 3, all planned projects that do not currently give the impression that they will come at some point - which is due to the fact that the respective part in front of them has flopped financially and / or qualitatively. Translated into studio language: hands off! So let's start with the ...

I am number 4 sequel

Ended as Mogadori fodder

I am number 4 - always liked to be shown on TV, fell on the nose in the cinema. The $ 150 million that were ultimately accounted for were too little for the makers, and criticism rained from the critics, even if the film was quite entertaining. Still, most of the fans thought that there was more to it. So made it I am number 4 not even to film number two, although the sci-fi books for young people from Pittacus Lore have what everyone is keen on these days: franchise potential, which should also be used. But in 2011 screenwriter Marti Noxon admitted the plans for the sequel I'm number 4 2 had been postponed due to the disappointing box office numbers. Director D.J. In 2013, Caruso raised new hopes for one Film adaptation of "The Power of Six: The Legacy of Lorien", the second volume, when he contributed to corresponding considerations DreamWorks reported. Nothing ever happened.

Eragon 2

Roasted in dragon fire

Another case of wasted opportunity.Lord of the Rings had in the years before the genre of fantasy films together withHarry Potter dusted off and made popular again, including what Eragon - The Legacy of the Dragon Riders should benefit. The prerequisites weren't the worst: the cast included illustrious names such as Jeremy Irons, John Malkovich and Robert Carlyle, Christopher Paolini's "Eragon" books sold like hot cakes, and there was a kite! What else should go wrong there? Unfortunately a lot. A relatively large number of fans and those interested in fantasy flocked to the cinema, leaving almost 250 million behind, but the film was severely punished by the experts. "Lifeless", "lame" and "without depth" were some of the expressions used at the time. Also 20th Century Fox had apparently seen enough and left Eragon 2 to fall mercilessly, even though Eragon - The Legacy of the Dragon Riders ended with a nasty cliffhanger.

Chronicles of the Underworld - City of Ashes

Buried with the demons

AtThe Mortal Instruments: City of Bones the signs were even more clearly pointing to continuation than in the two previous examples. Even before the film was released, you had the framework forChronicles of the Underworld 2 - City of Ashes Staked: Production start in September 2013, cinema release in 2014. The main cast of the first part should stay together, Sigourney Weaver should be brought in and director Harald Zwart should continue. Even when it was foreseeable that the film would not come close to living up to expectations, held Constantin Film still stuck to it. Only the great hurry was gone. Then in October 2014 the change of course, away from City of Ashes, towards The Mortal Instruments-Series. The aim is to delve deeper into the fantasy world of shadow hunters, created by author Cassandra Clare, than would be possible with films. Another reason will probably be that you want to save yourself a second cinema fiasco.

Percy Jackson 3

Lost in the Bermuda Triangle

How do you film a useful book series in front of the wall? The makers ofPercy jackson under the spell of the Cyclops should know. Compared to the also not intoxicating Percy Jackson - Thieves in Olympus dismantled the sequel even further, us and many others could not tear the new mythological adventure of Poseidos offspring Percy from our stools. Partly cheap effects, a sloppy script and the flat characters hardly gave rise to joy, let alone tension. Still enough Percy jackson under the spell of the Cyclops with over $ 200 million worldwide almost approaching part one, which is why one Percy Jackson 3 perhaps not to write off prematurely, especially since the second part with its cliffhanger suggests a continuation of the story. Leading actor Logan Lerman would be contractually obliged to do so. However, there is nothing to indicate that he will soon be ordered back to the demigod camp. Maybe it's better that us Percy Jackson 3 is saved, the books deserve better films.

Dragonball Evolution 2

Leaving from the ki

Another sequel that fortunately we are spared. We would like toDragonball evolution Let rest under the cloak of silence, but this one time we make an exception. There is no other way and it will be over quickly, I promise. 20th Century Fox thought it would be a good idea to make a real-life version of Akira Toriyama's manga series, which is also extremely successful as an anime on TV. It hadn't even started when Son Goku actor Justin Chatwin reported on a finished script for Dragonball Evolution 2. It should become intergalactic, go into more detail on the Dragonballs. At the time, of course, no one knew how underground the first film would fare, especially in the USA. Of the Dragonball evolution- Continuation has not been heard since then. We suspect the alleged script either ended up in the shredder or is rotting away in some drawer.

Jumper 2

Jumped offside

In jumper, after his first major filmStar Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith, Ex-Anakin Hayden Christensen could do something really great: jump from one place to another in a split second, no matter where. However, there was one thing he could not do, namely to save director Doug Liman's trilogy plans. The story had been specially designed for several parts, and Liman was thinking of letting the jumpers reach other planets or travel through time later. Nice ideas, but unfortunately we are waiting for implementation until today. The sequel has been since 2010 Jumper 2 Disappeared from the scene, while the original did well enough at the box office to warrant another film. So what could it be? Possibly due to the weak US result of jumper ($ 80 million with a $ 85 million budget) or the mixed reviews?!?

Battleship 2

Sunk by the Avengers

"Sink Ships" as a movie - is that possible? Pimped up with aliens, a military background and plenty of action, found Universal Pictures and let himself Battleship cost a whopping $ 220 million. Taylor Kitsch and Liam Neeson went on board, even R&B superstar Rihanna took up a gun to heat up the intrusive alien. The trust in the film was so great that a cliffhanger scene after the credits was already planned Battleship 2 was directed - but it was quickly broken becauseMarvel's The Avengers mercilessly stole the show from the first part. Already on the starting weekend, the numbers were far below what was Universal and director Peter Berg, and it didn't get any better. The counter stopped at $ 303 million, far too little for the amount of money that had been pumped into it. With Battleship is also Battleship 2 Drowned, to put it casually.

Aliens vs. Predator 3

Mutually mangled

In 2004, Alien and Predator met inAlien VS Predator the first time, three years later in Aliens vs. Predator 2 again. However, the joy of reunion among the critics and fans of both species was very limited, which was also reflected in the worldwide box office income of $ 129 million. It was $ 40 million from the first to the second film, and yet it was said that a third was already a done deal, and this suggested part 2 as well. At least it seemed 20th Century Fox prefer one Aliens vs. Predator 3 want to have as aAlien 5 or a Predator 3. But it turned out quite differently: Instead of more battles between the alien beasts, we got the mixed one Predators superior. The end for the trophy hunters? Probably not! Shane Black is supposed to take the turn with one Predator-Remake or continue and has been writing the script for a long time.

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