Why is uniform important in school

Uniform yes or no? - Overview of advantages and disadvantages




  • Quality uniforms are more sustainable than most fashion products
  • social injustice remains recognizable and bullying is not combated
  • A sense of community increases
  • There is a lack of innovation and individuality
  • Gender differences are increasing and the binary gender system is out of date
  • Discomfort due to uncomfortable clothing or freezing inhibit performance
  • Learn to organize yourself
  • increased effort due to frequent washing and possibly ironing
  • The attractiveness of the school increases by conveying values ​​and setting yourself apart from others
  • Proud of school comes from identification, which is higher in other countries, since school there is also a place of leisure


Increased sustainability

School uniforms should be one good quality and durability exhibit. This way, students can show what makes good clothing and more Quality rather than quantity to pay attention. Private consumption of clothing can also be restricted as a result. The students may question some fashion brands and begin to rethink their consumption of status symbols, as they can now distinguish high quality products from overpriced products. So that the students understand this better, a workshop or the like is encouraging. The latter is of course not guaranteed. Even if the competition in clothing does not exist during school time, it still exists in leisure time.

Stronger sense of community

All students can be clearly assigned to their school through their uniform clothing and show this Community to the outside world. The school uniform creates an identification of the pupils as pupils of this one school. They are emotionally connected and stand out as a community, which also creates a sense of community among each other and increases the motivation for face-to-face lessons.

Ready quickly in the morning

Who does not know it, whether for school, a date or other events - everyone has at least once had the problem of not knowing what to wear. A school uniform makes the decision of what to wear in school for you and saves a little time in the morning.

Learn to adapt

The The world of work is full of uniforms and "Dress Codes". Many employers require at least long trousers even in summer. But also, for example, on the railway, in construction, in retail, in the armed forces and police, as a doctor or lawyer, you have to adhere to a dress code or wear uniform. The children thus learn to live up to this requirement.


There are sufficient opportunities in the school for students to have the Bear the consequences of your own behavior have to. The uniform is only added to these. Nevertheless, they learn to follow the rules of the school in this way. Since every student wants to avoid negative consequences for disregarding school rules, self-organization is important. The student must ensure that the Clothes ready for the next day of school lies and learns to organize itself.


Anyone who wears a shirt from a band or brand that is visible to the viewer, advertises them. It is the same with the school uniform. The School automatically conveys values ​​such as discipline, achievement and pride to the outside world. The uniform is therefore an advertising medium and, by the way, also a brand. However, the prerequisite for a signal effect is that not every school introduces a uniform.


Fight symptoms

It is often said that wearing a school uniform in schools will make bullying go away. This is easy to refute by reading testimonials from victims of bullying and looking at the motivations of the bully. The Bullies want mostly a feeling of Makesbecause they felt powerless in past or present situations. Bullying is taking hold only "alleged" weak points on and is not limited only by clothing. Pronunciation, name, height, weight or skin color are just a few examples that are used for verbal attacks. These may come into focus even more because of the uniform. Bullying can escalate to physical attacks. This type of systematic oppression cannot be solved with a school uniform. This topic requires pedagogical cooperation with the students and a good offer of help for students with problems.
Also the social injustice persists. The Brand mania can also be held without branded clothing. Tommy Hilfiger, Hugo Boss and Guess are just a few of them well-known brands that sell Ferdermappen. In the pencil case there is then a fountain pen from "Waterman". So there are numerous ways to see parenting status and merit. Yet there is no need to look at these things. A dirty blouse, a repaired shoe or the sister's sweater that is too big are also easy identifying features for a weaker income. It is not wrong to wear branded goods and whoever has the money should be able to spend it, after all, there is work behind this money. It is much more important to teach children to rethink their consumption and not to judge character based on clothing. Shouldn't the goal be that one friend wears "Dr. Martens ™" and the other friend wears cheap sneakers and they both go out to eat ice cream?

there is a lack of individuality and innovation

School uniforms in Germany cannot simply be prescribed by the school management. The Basic Law guarantees that Right to free development of personality. This free development is also expressed in the style of clothing. Teenagers try things out and find themselves. They try to find their style and integrate into a peer group with the same interests. They deliberately set themselves apart from others through their clothing in order to experience community with a group that pursues the same interests. After all, it is normal not to get along with everyone. Being polite and respectful are not excluded, but are part of basic social skills that every child should have.
Anyone who brings up the argument that some professions also require uniforms is comparing apples with pears. On the one hand, there is the Compulsory schooling, which makes school uniforms compulsory consists. To exercise one Profession with uniform one has freely decided. In addition, one should ask why these professions require a uniform. They need to be easily identifiable as they offer services or are present in the event of an emergency. Furthermore, they are adapted to the respective field of activity. The Bundeswehr in camouflage colors, the paramedics clearly visible and the police officer is padded for attacks. The safety shoes prevent accidents and the boiler suit is stable and has large pockets. A school uniform should therefore be innovative and get more value have to increase willingness to wear some kind of uniform.

Gender discrimination

Gender is a hot topic right now. A uniform, which has a male and a female version, takes care of Conflict and malaise. Can everyone wear the version they want? Can you make a new decision every day? Is someone laughed at who is not into that binary gender system fits? Are there clothes for every body shape? Even with a uniform version, the physical differences not to be neglected. After all, the uniform should look good.

Feeling unwell inhibits performance

It may sound banal, but how can someone perform at their best if they don't feel comfortable in their clothes? No matter if the cut is for certain Body shapes is unsuitable, the fabric is uncomfortable for someone or you feel in the Movement restricted feels that Feeling unwell inhibits performance and the desire to go to school. Also the different Temperature sensation is not given enough attention to traditional uniforms. A German uniform would need waterproof and lined shoes, a scarf, a hat, gloves, a thick winter jacket, but also a rain jacket that can be worn with the sweater. It is best to have the sweater in thin and thick / made of different materials so that nobody freezes or sweats too much and concentration drops.


The cost of the uniform is high, so not everyone buys 5 tops, 2 sweaters and a pair of spare pants for each variant. Therefore arises Time pressure when washingwhich leads to more stress for the parents, especially when there are several children. Care should also be taken that the substance not ironed must become. In the event of violations against the dress code would have to Parents are informed and bring a change of clothes or let the child go home. In some regions, traveling independently turns out to be a very time-consuming undertaking, as the public transport connections are not good. For example, some students are dependent on on-call buses. Schoolchildren who do not have enough spare clothes or who just could not afford the right shoes miss valuable teaching time.
Of course, the school uniform saves valuable minutes in the morning, but it also wastes some in the afternoon. who after school would like to spend time with friends, may not feel like going to the cinema in the evening dressed in uniform. That means - Take change items with you.

Forced pride

Wearing a school uniform is often associated with pride in going to school. The Proud but does not arise from wearing this school uniform. It is created by identifying with the school and representing its values School. If you look at that School system of countries with school uniform, it quickly becomes apparent that the equipment is often different and that there is a large number of extracurricular options. In Germany you join independently of your own school or an association to the practice of leisure activities. Many students wear their club jackets with pride, and that also in school. They identify with their club and are proud of their achievements there. In the countries cited as role models, the students rarely go to an association. You kick that School team and compete against other school teams. So you have a completely different connection to school than the students in Germany. Student approval of a uniform increases automatically if the school is designed in such a way that students identify with it and are proud to be part of the student body.

Uniforms have both advantages and disadvantages. When deciding for or against a uniform, the students and teaching staff should enter into an active exchange of pros and cons. A mood picture of the parents is also an advantage.
Many opponents of the school uniform would probably be convinced if the uniform placed more emphasis on sustainability and well-being and was affordable for everyone. Problems such as bullying or brand madness require pedagogical cooperation with the students to solve them. A school uniform is not a problem solver, but pride that must be earned.



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