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Those who dealt with baroque music in the GDR arrived Adele Stolte not over. What Agnes Giebel was ten years older than she was in the west, she was in the east. The saying goes down from the former Gewandhaus Kapellmeister Kurt Masur: “When she appeared, the sun rose. I've always tried to figure out how she could remain so simple - natural and humble - despite her great successes. I believe that she herself never doubted the strong persuasiveness of her interpretations. " That is well observed. The Stolte sings with great certainty and accuracy. Her grades come first, followed by the interpretation. Your voice is perfectly seated. It doesn't cheat your way over sensitive areas. A thorough education and her talent saved her from risks of all kinds. She never sang about her means.

The pastor's daughter, who was born in the Brandenburg town of Sperenberg on October 12, 1932 and came into contact with music at an early age, has always avoided opera. No stage appearances can be proven. Only for a recording of Mozart's sung in the German original language Bastien and Bastienne for the label Eterna under the direction of Helmut Koch she can be heard alongside Peter Schreier and Theo Adam - also in the spoken dialogues, whereby a slight Saxon accent was particularly noticeable with the male soloists. In addition to Bach cantatas as part of Deutsche Grammophon's archive production, this recording was released in Germany and made it known there too. As a soloist, especially in the great choral works by Johann Sebastian Bach, she traveled to many countries. At the end of the sixties she began to work as a singing teacher. Her voice has been immortalized on numerous recordings. The last time Berlin Classics was in its Reference series Italian solo cantatas by Georg Friedrich Handel from the Eterna-Catalogue reissued (0013972BC). They were recorded in 1970 with members of the Handel Festival Orchestra in Halle. The conductor was the then twenty-eight year old Thomas Sanderling, who had already become music director in Halle in 1966 and slowly stepped out of the shadow of his famous father Kurt Sanderling. Stylistically, the lively production is still indebted to the GDR tradition maintained in Halle at the time. Adele Stolte died on September 26, 2020 in Potsdam.Rüdiger Winter (Photo: Adele Stolte on a GDR Eterna LP from the 1960s)