How motivated are you

The job interview for the apprenticeship:

Questions about the attitude to work in the interview

"What drives you, how do you get your motivation?"

Background in the job interview

Whether in a professional or private sense: What motivates the candidate - that is, drives, moves them - plays a central role for HR managers. In the meantime, the participants in the conversation are, of course, well beyond the phase of carefully scanning on the basis of leisure, hobbies and interests. Although there is no mention of the job, this question is clearly aimed at professional matters.

What is important in the interview?

In the previous sections, you were able to demonstrate that you are serious about training. Now go back to it. Of course, it is now about your self-motivation again, that is, about your inner motives - and not about external incentives: Neither the monthly salary transfer nor the parental ambition is an acceptable source of motivation. Make it sound that you identify with your work, that you set goals and want to achieve them.

Have you formulated a good and honest answer in your mind? These sample answers will help you further!

Example answer in the job interview

“I am particularly motivated when I stand up for something and thereby achieve a good result in the end. That's the best confirmation that you've done something well. At the moment, my biggest goal is to successfully complete my training. But I see this time more as a marathon than a sprint - you don't complete an apprenticeship overnight. In the near future, I will learn a little bit step by step. I find it very motivating that you can always do a little more week after week. "

Admission ticket to the job interview: the recruitment test

The interview is often not the first stage in the selection process: Many companies and authorities first hold an employment test or aptitude test to find out who is suitable for the position in question. Only those who successfully master the test will then be invited to the assessment center or interview.
Here you can practice recruitment tests and aptitude tests for different professions for free!

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