What is French Guiana

French Guiana - Amazon: what to see, what to do and what to try

• Watch the leatherback turtles lay their eggs on the beaches of Amana

Located between the Organabo and Maroni Rivers, the Amana Beaches Natural Reserve is one of the most important areas in the world for four species of sea turtles to lay their eggs: the leatherback turtle, the green turtle, the olive turtle and, more rarely, the pine turtle. The reserve is also home to 286 species of birds and many mammals.

• Experience the Cayenne Carnival with the Touloulous

The Cayenne Carnival begins with Epiphany each year and lasts six to ten weeks. The stars of this carnival are the "Touloulous", women who dress from head to toe: They wear long skirts, hoods, masks and long gloves so that one cannot see an inch of their skin and they are not recognized during the march.

• Explore the Devil's Island in the footsteps of the former penal colony

A leper colony was located on this 14 hectare, palm-covered land off Kourou before it was under Napoleon III. was used as a "political" prison. It hosted some celebrities like Guillaume Seznec or the anarchist Marius Jacob. The most famous convict remains Alfred Dreyfus, whose case France divided.

• Experience the launch of an Ariane rocket on the first trip

Watching a rocket launch from an observation site in the Guyana Space Center (only 15-20 kilometers from the launch site) will undoubtedly be the highlight of your trip through Guyana. You can follow all phases of the flight on a giant screen until the satellites are brought into orbit.

• Overlook the forest from an island mountain

The Inselbergs of French Guiana are small granite mountains that look like islands jutting out from the forest. There are around 200 of these island mountains in French Guiana. The highest peak is 740 meters high. From here you can enjoy the fantastic view of the surrounding forest.

• Cool off in the Fourgassier waterfall

The Cascades de Fourgassier are known among nature lovers. Since the waterfall is easily accessible, it is particularly suitable for family outings. It is located about fifteen kilometers from the village of Roura.

• Spend a night in a “Carbet hamac”, a hut with hammocks, on the Amazon

A beautiful carbet consists of toulouri leaves for the roof, tree branches for the posts and wooden slats for the floor. They can be found in different regions of French Guiana, in the middle of nature, sometimes in trees. We prefer to sleep in a hammock.

• Go for a swim in the bay of Toussaint

You can go swimming in this stream, because in some places the clear water is quite deep. To spend a nice day full of relaxation and bathing fun, the bay of Toussaint is equipped with a hammock, barbecue and toilets. Ideal for a picnic!

• Enjoy a Chinese soup in the Hmong village

After the Vietnam War, the Hmong settled in Cacao (1 hour from Cayenne) in the 1970s. The village is considered to be the vegetable garden of French Guiana, whose inhabitants developed fruit and vegetable cultivation there. It is best to go to the village on a Sunday, market day.

• Buy fruit and vegetables at the market in Cayenne

Don't miss the Cayenne Market! In a large hall in the city center, market visitors can enjoy local ti'punch and all kinds of specialties. Here you can fully immerse yourself in the Guyanese culture.