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Dr. Anti Age Interview: At 68, 100 pushups every day

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When Heiner Romberg became the German decathlon champion in 1970, most of the readers of Men’s Health were not even born. The trained pharmacist and doctor has been practicing as a general practitioner in Essen for 30 years, he coaches competitive athletes and also blogs as Dr. Anti Age at www.bodyswitch.de. Together with partner Silke Kayadelen, Romberg recently wrote a fitness book for women (“Das Bikini-Bootcamp”, Riva, € 22).

How many pushups did you do this morning before breakfast?

100 pushups and 100 squats. I've been doing this every day after getting up for years. That's only 5 minutes each. But I'll admit, the last 30 are grains.

How long have you been training?

Strength training since I was 14, bodybuilding only came after my time as a decathlete and shot putter, because bodybuilding is a bit counterproductive, it makes you slow.

You have been practicing as a general practitioner for over 30 years. How important is fitness really for health?

To do this, you first have to define fitness. For me, for example, a bodybuilder is not a fit person and neither is a marathon runner. Fitness should enable you to cope well with everyday things: carry two cases of beer to the third floor, drill a hole for a dowel in the ceiling. Bodybuilders are less suitable for much of this type of work due to the high oxygen consumption of their muscles. The same applies to pure endurance athletes: They easily run 20 kilometers, but cannot do a clean pull-up. Healthy fitness includes strength, endurance, coordination, reaction, and speed strength. Classic circuit training - today they say HIIT - is the best training for this.

When Dr. Anti Age deal with aging processes on the Internet. How do you stay as fit as you are?

First of all, there is a good basic genetic makeup. Anyone who is prone to joint wear or has a heart condition, for example, has disadvantages from the outset. In addition, strength training is the best remedy for aging, because an essential part of aging is the loss of muscle mass, sarcopenia. The consequences: less body tension, a higher weight. And self-confidence also suffers from this physical change. Usually 15 minutes a day is enough to keep the muscles in shape.

Do you have to help with hormones after a certain age?

If an age-appropriate testosterone level drops and this leads to complaints in everyday life, then hormone replacement therapy under medical supervision is an option. But only then and not just to build muscles!

Your life partner is 20 years younger than you. Does that keep you fit too?

Yes, but not only is she younger, she is also extremely athletic. So our interests coincide. In addition: I can't do very much with my peers, conversations usually end in medical histories. I can't contribute anything to that - and hopefully for a long time to come.

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