Can someone work out phonegap

I'm currently working on an iOS app again. I've been using the Phonegap framework for a long time. After a certain familiarization phase, you can use it to quickly and efficiently create apps for iOS, Android and other platforms. These then behave like native apps on the smartphone or tablet. From my point of view, the biggest advantage is that the app I created for one platform can be quickly ported to other platforms. You don't have to start at 0 every time and this saves a lot of time and money for the customer.

With the switch to Phonegap 3.0, a lot has happened in the architecture of the framework. A lot of things that used to work just like that now only work after further work.

Example 1:
For debugging my apps with XCode, I've always had

used. With Phonegap 3.0 these outputs were no longer displayed in the XCode console. In order to switch it on again, a plugin must be installed. This can now be done using the following command:


Example 2:
I have a link to an external page in an information window. If you click on it in the app, it is not opened in the iOS browser, but in the same "window" as the app. However, this behavior is usually not desired. In order to actually open external links with the browser, you need the Phonegap plug-in "InAppBrowser". This is installed as follows:

If the plugin is installed, you can now open external links with the following command:

It is important to specify "_system" for the target parameter!

Further information is available in the Phonegap documentation: Phonegap - Add features and InAppBrowser