Which IQ test can be trusted

Culture-independent intelligence tests

Migrants and people from outside the European and North American cultural areas achieve lower results on average on IQ tests. Some people have taken this as evidence that people from non-white cultures are naturally less intelligent. However, this conclusion is certainly wrong.

Most of the intelligence tests used are not culture-independent. If you want to successfully complete a German IQ test, you must first have a good command of the German language. In addition, migrants are often less educated and have less developed testing skills. The latter means that they are not familiar with multiple-choice tasks or have not learned to work under time pressure.

Many migrants have never taken an IQ test before. It therefore comes as no surprise that they often do worse here.

Culture-independent intelligence tests

Over the years there have been several culture-independent intelligence tests developed. These are less verbal and the questions often relate to images and visual puzzles. Raven Progressive Matrices are an example of such tests. Studies have shown, however, that these tests are not entirely free from cultural biases either.

It has yet to be shown whether it is even possible to develop IQ tests that are 100 percent culture-independent. However, we think this is not a really big problem. After all, it is not the tests that are responsible for any discrimination, but the people who interpret the results.

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