What are the best films worth seeing?

Good films that you have to see

Are you looking for good films that you have to see? Then you have come to the right place, because we have made the effort to put together what we believe to be the best films of all time. Of course you can never please everyone, of course we are aware of that, but we still try to give you a selection of the films that we should definitely have seen in our eyes. While we first present you a mainstream film list below, a list with the insider tips also follows below. The mainstream list therefore includes good films that should definitely be seen, because it is about titles that were particularly successful and that as a film junkie you should simply have seen, otherwise you would have missed important blockbusters.

But if you already know the well-known films and are more into niche titles or real insider tips anyway, you will be the one with our insider tip film list Films that you have to see sure to find one or the other good tip. In addition, you will also find a list of the best films of all time in the categories for the individual genres.

Good films by genre and year of release

If you are looking for good films of a certain genre or if your favorite film was not on our mainstream or insider tip list, then you should click through the individual film genres at the top of the page. There we offer, among other things, good action films for fans of neat action. Those who like to laugh can look around in the good comedies section. For horror fans we offer good horror films and those who are looking for good love films to melt away will also find what they are looking for. We have a top list of good children's films for the little ones. Those who love drawn and computer-animated films are welcome to drop by the good animated films category. Fantasy and sci-fi fans get their money's worth with good fantasy films and good science fiction films. Those who like a thrill can take a look at the thrillers. If you want to know which films were particularly outstanding in one year, then you should take a look under Good Films 2011 or Good Films 2012. You see, everyone gets what they are looking for with us.

Mainstream list of must-see films

The film titles that follow are all well-known blockbuster films that have been extremely successful or were groundbreaking in their own way, so they definitely are Films that you have to seewhether you like them or not. But don't worry, there are also recommendations for film fans outside of the mainstream. If you are bored of the famous films, just scroll down or click here.


Avatar is one of those must-see films. Why? Quite simply because it is the most successful film of all time to date. Millions of people love this film, many also hate it or cannot understand the fascination, no matter what kind of person you belong to, you should have seen it at least once to be able to judge it. What is undisputed is that the film can convince in terms of picture fireworks not only in 2D but also in 3D. Many refer to Avatar as Pocahontas with blue creatures, even if you can possibly see certain parallels in them, we are of the opinion that the film also has enough other qualities. At least it is the highest grossing film of all time and the fact that so many people love it makes it one of the “must sees”.


And here, too, one or the other will probably moan, especially the men among us. If that is the case, then just keep scrolling;). Nonetheless, Titanic is one of the must-see films. The scene in which Leonardo di Caprio is standing at the bow of the ship with Kate Winslet is world-famous and this scene was often parodied. If you haven't seen the film yet, you should make up for it as soon as possible, because educational gaps should be stuffed.

The Avengers

With the Avengers, for the first time we get several superheroes from the Marvel Universe on the screen at once, and that's a good thing. Mark Ruffalo plays the Hulk particularly convincingly and the quarrels between "Iron Man" Robert Downey JR are also spreading elsewhere. and Captain America in a good mood. The film manages to mix a story that is exciting for comic book adaptations with lots of humor and action and is therefore definitely one of the titles that you should have seen.

Harry Potter series

This is not just about a film, but a whole series of films that you should definitely watch if you haven't already done so. Harry Potter was already a huge success as a book and an absolute phenomenon. The films are astonishingly well done and, even if a bit very dark for small children, are still fun for the whole family. The story of the little magician, who lost his parents to an evil magician and grew up with people, is simply told very well and excitingly, which is why these are definitely good films that you have to see.

Iron Man trilogy

One of the most famous films is definitely Iron Man. To be precise, there are already 3 parts. With Robert Downey JR. the ideal cast for Tony Stark aka Iron Man has been found. He is rich in pigs, has enough charm and self-confidence for 10 men and always has a casual saying on his lips. Thanks to the very good CGI effects and the entertaining action, you never get bored. The teasing relationship between the billionaire and gun fanatic and his assistant Pepper Potts (played by Gwyneth Paltrow) also gives the whole thing a certain spice.

Transformers trilogy

Some like to dismiss Transformers as a cheap action film with no plot or pure fireworks effects and basically the Transformers series is a typical Michael Bay product, whose origin can be clearly seen. But is that basically bad? We don't think so. In our opinion, Transformers is the typical popcorn movie, which is intended for entertaining fun and does not seem particularly profound but just wants to be entertaining. The Transformers series definitely succeeds, which is why we count them among the films that have to be seen.

Lord of the Rings trilogy

The same phenomenon as with Harry Potter. A successful book is filmed and cuts a very good figure in the process. The Lord of the Rings trilogy contains only must-see films. Anyone who likes fantasy films shouldn't resist the masterpiece by Peter Jackson, because it not only tells a profound story about friendship and sacrifice, but also the well-staged battles against orcs and other rascals make you want more.

Pirates of the Caribbean Quadrilogy

Captain Jack Sparrow has lifted anchor for the fourth time. The Pirates of the Caribbean series is definitely one of the must-see films. Not only because Johnny Depp cuts an excellent figure as a permanently drunk pirate (some film would say he sounds more gay than drunk in German, but ignoring that), the films consistently promise a very entertaining if not too profound story about cursed treasures and pirates and offer a lot of fun word battles. Anyone who likes this type of film should get the collection.

James Bond Collection

What would such a list be without James Bond? Since 1962 with “James Bond, Dr. No ”, the first offshoot of the series was released, the secret agent with lots of charm and shaken martini has become an indispensable part of the cinema and television world. In the meantime, 007 has made 22 parts, all of which are must-see films without exception. On the occasion of the 50th birthday there is even an anniversary collection in which all these masterpieces are summarized. Anyone who does not yet know the films or only partially knows them should definitely brush up their film knowledge.

Star Wars: Complete Saga

The Starwars strips have been on the rise since the 1970s. George Lucas has created an epic here that connects generations and in which nerds scream with rapture with every new film and camp for days in front of the cinemas. Even if many prefer the old trilogy and dismiss the newer films as crap, there are definitely fans who like to see the new episodes. In any case, the Complete Saga contains all 6 episodes for fans and those who want to become one. In our opinion, these films simply have to be seen.

Spiderman movies

Marvel comic book heroes are incredibly popular, one of the most famous and popular is certainly Spiderman. With Toby Maguire, the superhero also made a real film for the first time. In our opinion, all three parts are must-see films. Toby plays the Spiderman very vulnerable and human with all his weaknesses and although some scenes seem a bit "cheesy", they are very entertaining action films with a love story between Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson that goes very dearly.

Batman: The Dark Knight Trilogy

There are a lot of Batman films out there, but only the Dark Knight trilogy has really caused a stir. Not only the second part with the excellent performance of Heath Ledger as Joker is one of the coolest films, the other two parts are definitely highly recommended. Part 1 tells how it all began and part 3 brings the series to a good conclusion, which does not satisfy all fans, but is still okay. You should definitely have a look.

Back to the Future Trilogy

It would be a shame to forget Marty McFly and the Doc on such a list. All three parts of the Back to the Future trilogy are extremely good must-see films. We don't like part 3 as much as the other two, but the western setting is not everyone's choice and it's also a matter of taste. The films are already old, but you still don't notice their age because they are all-time classics that you can watch over and over again without feeling bored. Time travel is a pretty exciting topic anyway, but it has never been implemented as well as in the "Back to the Future" films. Who does not know the films (are there such people at all?) MUST catch up on them. All fans already have the collection in their collection anyway.

Alien Anthology

The Alien series by Ridley Scott and James Cameron includes four must-see films. Whether you are more into the psychological horror of Scott or into shock and action, all alien fans will be satisfied with this box. Opinions differ as to which part is the best. Most still consider part 1 to be the ultimate, but the other 3 films are definitely worth a look.

Fast & Furious - Complete Collection

Ok, let's be honest, the Fast and Furious series isn't exactly known for deep dialogues, an astute story or particularly intelligent characters, but it doesn't have to be. It's not on the mainstream list for nothing. The films are fast food for the eyes, taste good and fill you up for a while. For the time the films are running, you can entertain very well, the typical popcorn movie and the success proves you are right. The sixth part has now been announced, and if you don't know the others, you should definitely catch up on it.

Hangover trilogy

The Hangover films are just extremely weird for many fans. Some find the series too tough and taboo, but you definitely have to see the films once to be able to form your own opinion. Now a box has finally appeared that summarizes the trilogy. Anyone who likes to watch comedies and can laugh at very rough humor is definitely well served here.

Insider tip list of must-see films

Now it gets interesting, because here are the absolute insider tips. Extraordinary films that will be known to some, but are not seen in the mainstream. You should definitely see these films if you are into extraordinary films and appreciate real pearls away from the mass market.

SUPER - Shut Up, Crime!

The title already gives it away, this film is really great. Whoever liked superhero films like Kickass will love this film. Away from the softened 0815 superhero movie, this film is a whole lot harder and more realistic, but also extremely believable. Actually, the main protagonist is not a hero with supernatural abilities, but an ordinary man with his problems, yes, one would call him a loser. To make matters worse, his wife, played by Liv Tyler, slips into the drug scene and leaves him for the guy who made her addicted (Kevin Bacon). From this moment Frank goes completely crazy and makes the decision to fight the crime through vigilante justice. He is later accompanied by his sidekick, played by Ellen Page, who embodies her crazy role excellently. SUPER is one of the must-see films. Not only because of the well-told story, the comedy and the moving ending, but because even Killbill is harmless against it. However, you should be prepared for a lot of violence and brutal scenes, it is not without reason that the film is released from the age of 18.

Super - Shut Up Crime Trailer


Another film that you should definitely see is Memento. Leonard has lost his short-term memory and is looking for his wife's murderer. He writes down important information himself or has it tattooed on his skin if it is of particular importance. Because he has forgotten what he has done a short time after an act, he is of course easy to manipulate and not everyone means well with him. The story is told in an extremely exciting way and takes several unexpected twists and turns. Especially the ending will surprise you. Definitely a movie that will flash you.

Memento trailer

The keepers of the light

The Guardian of Light is actually more of a film for children, but it is not only visually (especially in 3D) extremely impressive and beautiful, but the story is very well worked out and entertains not only children, but also adults perfectly. One of the best animated films that we have seen lately and therefore one of the films that should be seen. Anyone who values ​​heartbreaking stories with a lot of humor and great characters will certainly not go wrong here. The story is about Jack Frost (for us Father Frost), who is invisible to people because they don't believe in him. He is joined by Santa Claus, the tooth fairy, the sandman and the Easter bunny, who call Jack to help defy a dark threat that gives the children nightmares and leads them to no longer believe in the other mythical creatures. Over time, Jack becomes aware of his task and goes through an amazing development from a rascal and good-for-nothing to a responsible custodian. You can also find out how he actually became Jack Frost and why. You have to see this film if you are into animation films.

The Guardians of Light Trailer


Ben-X is a unique film that deals with the topic of video games, especially online role-playing games (MMORPGS), and the topic of bullying. It's about the authist Ben, who is bullied and deeply humiliated by his classmates because of his otherness and how he deals with his situation in real life and also in computer games. Due to his authism, Ben perceives his environment differently than other people. He is poor at dealing with emotions and expressing them best in his game. There he befriends a girl who wants to help him defend himself against his tormentors. The film is profound and socially critical and certainly not suitable for everyone, but the subject alone and the great implementation make it one of the best films.

Ben-X trailer

21 Jump Street

Time for something funny to lighten the mood a little. 21 Jump Street is one of the funniest comedies we've seen in a long time, making it a must-see movie. Jenko and Schmidt couldn't be more different, while one is a womanizer and king of the ball, the other is the school's geek. Years later, the two of them meet again for a police recruitment test. Both notice that they benefit from each other's abilities and become friends. Due to a failed first assignment, the two are sent back to high school as undercover drug investigators. Here the tide turns and outsiders and womanizers swap places. The film is just extremely weird and Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill are ideal cast.

21 Jump Street Trailer

Pretty much best friends

Few films manage to combine humor and a deep, emotional story. Pretty Best Friends is one of the absolute must-see films. When I saw the film in the cinema for the first time, I approached the matter completely without prejudice and was completely flashed away. I really didn't expect that. Hilarious passages alternate with thoughtful passages and let you philosophize about the meaning of life and true friendship long after the credits have finished. A moving story about the relationship of a rich paraplegic whose initially reluctant carer becomes his best friend and makes his life worth living again.That might sound boring, but believe me, when I think about the film I get goosebumps. You have to see this film.

Pretty Best Friends Trailer

shutter Island

If you are looking for excitement and a good mindfuck, Shutter Island will serve you very well. Anyone who already knows Inception knows that Leonardo Di Caprio likes to work in films that play with the minds of the audience. However, Shutter Island is, in our opinion, one of the more must-see films, if not as well known. US Marshal Edward Daniels and his partner are supposed to investigate the disappearance of a child murderer from the special prison for the insane on an island. He also suspects the presence of his wife's murderer, which is why the assignment is of particular interest to him. After a while, the evidence that forbidden experiments are being carried out on the insane inmates grows, but there is much more to the asylum than you might think. We rarely researched the end of a film on the Internet and looked for explanations for what we saw, discussed with others in order to understand the meaning of the film. Shutter Island managed to carry us away which is why this is definitely one of the must-see films.

Shutter Island Trailer

Spirited Away

This film is an example of the many other brilliant films by Studio Ghibli. The exceptional Japanese film studio almost exclusively produces must-see films. Besides Chihiro, the best films include, in our opinion, “Howl's Moving Castle”, “My Neighbor Totoro” and “Ponyo”, but all other Studio Ghibli films are definitely worth a look too. Moving stories, a fantastic drawing style and great music are the trademarks of the company, as is the case with Spirited Away, in which a girl is drawn into a magical world full of magic and strange beings. The film even won an Oscar.

Spirited Away Trailer

The condemned

No light fare awaits the viewer with “The Condemned”. You should definitely be prepared for a very profound and moving story. The 3 hour epic is # 1 of the best films of all time on IMDB. Everyone has to decide for themselves whether they really deserve it. Tax advisor Andy (Tim Robins) is charged with the murder of his wife and, according to his own statements, has been wrongly sentenced to life imprisonment. He endures a lot of abuse in jail and only finds one good friend named Red (Morgan Freeman) there. Whether everything will turn out well in the end or not, you have to see for yourself, just this much in advance, the actors play their roles just perfectly and the story is so movingly staged that “The Condemned” is definitely one of the films for us has to be seen.

The Condemned Trailer