Do you prefer Metallica or Linkin Park

Linkin Park - "resuscitation"

With such a steep pass it is impossible to go past the title without allowing a few peaks. "Reanimation" is the name of the remix album by the Nu Metal high-flyers from the USA. Has the health of the songs deteriorated to such an extent within a few weeks that they are now ...

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  • head18 years ago

    this is again a typical BUY ME WE ARE FAMOUS record!
    only because it says linkin park is this garbage bought !!
    this album is really not very imaginative! so according to the reviews it fits very well!
    according to the reviews, i always find them very suitable .....

  • Adonai18 years ago

    So I find something like that more than superfluous. Usually a band doesn't have to remix their album. That's really just commercial, according to the motto "Hey, the disc has sold so well, let's throw it back on the market after we have turned it through a mixer and cash in twice" ... Fooling around . Last time I saw the video of Points Of Prostata, or whatever they renamed the song ... is that stupid stuttering where you think the TV is fucked up in every song? It's really more than stupid. I can only agree with Head, I've only actually read appropriate reviews on Laut so far.

  • Adonai18 years ago

    Sorry, I had to work it out.
    Ok, it's clear that you don't know to what extent the record company and the band are doing something together, but I think that's stupid anyway and that something sells ...

  • AMEN18 years ago

    I don't think that's necessary either ... had a bad feeling about limp bizkit ...

  • LordSkatch18 years ago

    but the limp bizkit remixes are more entertaining and ned as cruelly choppy as on this album! (as much as I prefer linkin park!)

  • kaiN18 years ago

    uuhhh ....

    well I still see a big difference

  • 18 years ago

    In my opinion, a remix should only come about when an artist listens to a track (in this case Linkin Park) and comes up with something good, productive. So to speak, that the song becomes even more interesting. With "Reanimation" you can clearly hear (at least I do) that these songs have been remixed almost out of necessity. So according to the motto: "Wow, cool! The remix is ​​awesome. Well, now we have to remix the others too ... uhhh."
    Considering their many fans, the guys should have done something new. I'd rather listen to "Hybrid Theory" again, at least that doesn't come across as forced * g *.

    frog dog

  • The Gallaghers18 years ago

    Linkin Park deserves to be put up against a wall and then you should put your g3 on F as if friendly and then ...: D The band's music is equal to emotional rape and bodily harm! The problem is that none of the band members have control of their instrument . Furthermore, they are of the opinion that hard is equally good. we personally have nothing against hard music if at least one has a heart and mind. Another example of the band's ineptitude is their own fans. I would say 90% of the Linkin Park fans are between 9 and 16 years old. A disturbed parental home has no friends psychological problems pent-up aggression that they want to break down with senselessly aggressive and stupid music. I would say the average linkin park fan has an IQ somewhere between a glass of water and a moldy bread.

  • AMEN18 years ago

    either you write something sensible, or you shut up ... if something doesn't suit you, you don't need to hear it ... YOU play the instruments a lot better anyway, and of course all of them at the same time ...

    very useful contribution, really ...

    also: if lp is hard music for you, then .... oh no matter ...

  • AMEN18 years ago

    Quote («The Gallaghers wrote:
    I would say 90% of the Linkin Park fans are between 9 and 16 years old have a disturbed parental home no friends psychological problems pent-up aggression that they want to break down with senselessly aggressive and stupid music. I would say the average linkin park fan has an IQ somewhere between a glass of water and a moldy bread. »):

    I've rarely laughed like that, really ...
    then why are you not an LP fan?

  • Kali18 years ago

    Everyone I know who owns the album (and 80% of them are not LP fans) thinks it's great!

    I expected more from the record, but a lousy 2 points are absolutely not applicable !! This is album is awesome, especially Enth E End

  • The Gallaghers18 years ago

    young boy there are more sick people than we thought. Whoever listens to Linkin Park with whom we do not discuss music at all because, in our opinion, he has no clue. amen i think you are just as poor a pig from linkin park fan as we described you. There are also other ways to get rid of your inferiority complexes than listening to the sick, stupid music of sexually ill and drug addicted idiots. Has your mom touched you or did you have a penis that was too small and you haven't had a girlfriend yet? and what else you tell us we don't write anything sensible but don't have enough in our brain to express yourself adequately. think about it, you eineller.:D

  • AMEN18 years ago

    muaaaaahahahahahaha, go on.jaa, go on you are soo cool ... from your age I would have expected a bit of intelligence, take a look at my profile, you stupid! does it say lp? no linkin park, and certainly no oasis .... you shouldn't worry about my girlfriend .... you can tell that you are new here, and you can also tell that you have absolutely no plan for music. ...

    I want you to keep writing, you are a bombshell comedian, they have to give you that ...

    are you so frustrated that you have to berate people anonymously on the internet?

    so, so you can express yourself adequately (that's how it is written by the way) yes? that's nice that you can do that, but what's the point if no one notices it?

    As I said, go on, you're the idiot of the forum, and there's always something to laugh about ...


  • AMEN18 years ago

    "oh the little one has already been to 3 concerts. and thinks he has a clue about music. what would interest me: did mum or dad accompany you to your concerts. your three concerts were definitely rolf zuckowski when you were very little then two years later chatting with Michael and now as a late-pubescent teen who is rebelling against everything a linkin park concert. "

  • The Gallaghers18 years ago

    even if you are not a linkin park fan on your profile we have seen what kind of bands you listen to and apart from rhcp and incubus they are all just as bad or even worse. bad, bad and bad again

  • AMEN18 years ago

    ohoo, someone knows their way around ...: D: D: D

    music is still a matter of taste, or does it annoy you that it doesn't say oasis?: p

    pumpkins, deftones and metallica just can't keep up with your favs

  • AMEN18 years ago

    well, oasis i want to see if you try to play kirk hammet's solos ...

  • Maynard Keenan18 years ago

    Um, you split personality ..... do you need something like that to strengthen your self-confidence?

    Or why do you write such crap, Gallaghers?

  • freak18 years ago

    I like people like that ^^
    without him / her / whatever it would be completely boring here ..
    who knows, maybe he / she / .. can achieve cult status like melli !
    Let's keep our fingers crossed for him!