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Conference on Jewish life in Cologne

Conference “Jewish Life in Cologne: Memory - Collection - Mediation - Future” on April 27 and 28, 2021. Streaming via >> or >>



Information on Covid-19 in plain language and in other languages are compiled by the “Competence Center Self-Determined Living (KSL) Cologne” on their website.

We have some interesting ones Articles for reading collected:

A Look into the history of the epidemics and how to deal with them. It becomes clear how the security logic and demarcation dominate, while the peace-logic handling is ignored. >>

«Freedom and pandemic»- a reminder of the life after. The Cologne political scientist Eric Flügge wrote a good text on March 17th, 2020. The PDF here >> Freedom and Pandemic

With double standards - why there is a state of emergency with Covid-19 and states act courageously - but remain inactive in view of the global climate crisis. >> In the Taz on March 30, 2020, Fabian Schneider commented on the inaction of all governments on climate protection.


11 women, 11 films, 11 readings

11 women, 11 films, 11 readings by Cologne authors. Compiled by Women's History Society, to be found at


On Saudi Arabia's foreign policy

"The Foreign Policy of Saudi Arabia: Old Goals, New Strategies" by Sebastian Sons. >> Here as a PDF in addition to his presentation in the FBK.


Processing of nuclear waste

At the conference of the Protestant Academy Loccum on the search for a repository for nuclear waste in June 2017, Roland Schüler gave a lecture on coming to terms with the past. The text will appear in the conference proceedings soon. >> Here the PDF in advance

As part of the lecture series, Roland Schüler was a guest at the FU Berlin: >> More in the flyer PDF / >> The presentation as a PDF

In September 2020, mediators are calling for a sustainable consensus in the search for a nuclear waste storage site. The map of potential deposits has just been published. The Federal Mediation Association and the Association for Mediation in the Public Sector have published a statement >> Here as a PDF.

>> A critical evaluation also in the research journal “Social Movements”