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Allbirds sneakers - the most comfortable shoes in the world!

Matthew McConaughey is madly in love: Unfortunately not with us, but with the cuddly, ultra-comfortable Allbirds Sneaker. "Our shoes are cashmere sweaters for the feet," says founder Tim Brown. The native New Zealander and former professional soccer player had the brilliant idea of ​​using the sustainable material merino wool in a new, clever way. And so it happens that today shoes are manufactured under the name Allbirds * which are made from fair sheep's wool and castor seeds.

Bye bye cold feet because they Allbirds Merino wool sneakers ensure that the temperature in the shoe is regulated and remains constant. In addition, the shoes are water-repellent and prevent unpleasant odors thanks to the merino wool used. But that's not all, because the minimalist shoes are machine washable and can also be worn without (!) Socks.

Celebrities like Matthew McConaughey and Whitney Port love the sneakers!

Driven by the desire to manufacture products that do not harm the environment or nature, Tim gradually developed his grandiose idea further. Knowing the revolutionary idea of ​​making products exclusively from natural materials, the whole thing took shape. After Tim had worked on his idea for a long time, he teamed up with his current partner, engineer Joey, in San Francisco to get things done. The two founded a team with an Italian textile company and set up an innovative wool factory that produces the shoes for Allbirds produced. Today the two are already so far that the shoes everywhere in California or on the feet of celebrities like Matthew McConaughey, Julianne Hough, Whitney Port orSophie Turner you can see. This is how quickly a start-up can become an established company ... We are absolutely thrilled, because Allbirds revolutionizes the fashion world in a sustainable way and makes global players like Adidas, Reebok or Nike neat competition.

Runs at Allbirds - the cuddlyest eco running shoes in the test

The Allbirds We want to carry that feeling with us everywhere. The latest highlight of the American fair fashion label? Grandiose, woolly and breathable running shoes made of merino wool - the Wool Dasher Mizzles, for women and men. The jogging shoes convince us with a water-repellent, bio-based protective layer that has been treated with a fluorine-free coating. The sustainable running shoe is equipped with a unique midsole that enables optimal energy return. Especially important if you run on asphalt a lot. Allbirds developed the world's first environmentally friendly, CO2-negative EVA midsole. The outer sole is made of environmentally friendly natural rubber. The rubber on the ankle is particularly practical as it ensures a firm hold of the Wool Dasher Mizzles cares, no matter how fast it gets. The shoe is really super light and gives freedom and stability in one when rolling. The slightly reflective laces are also a great addition, especially for jogging in the dark. We simply wear the comfortable running shoes in everyday life because they don't have that typically chunky running shoe character. Are you just not a fan of wool at all? No problem. The model Tree Dashers for men and women is made from a unique Eucalyptus material and is even lighter as a feather.

Allbirds sneakers - according to Time magazine "the most comfortable shoes in the world"

According to the motto »less is more«, the designs of Allbirds above all because of their minimalism and the absence of superfluous logos and labels. A simple shoe that should be there to bring its wearer comfortably and comfortably through everyday life. Even “Time Magazine” praises the shoes as “the most comfortable in the world”. The best thing about it: If you don't like the shoe, you can return it within a month and get your money back. The label donates shoes with slight signs of wear Soles4Souls.

Allbirds takes great care not to bring synthetic materials into circulation. Instead, the two founders only refer to natural materials that we also encounter in our everyday lives. We wouldn't have imagined in our wildest dreams that the whole thing would end in a super light and extremely comfortable sneaker, would we? The merino wool used is also ZQ certified, which is proof that the sheep whose wool is sourced can lead a happy life. In addition, merino wool requires 60% less energy in the processing process than synthetic materials used in the textile industry. Castor seeds are used to make the deposits. We find that Allbirds is a wonderful label that turns its back on fast fashion and instead goes its very own, smart path.


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