How do phone unlock websites work?

Block internet pages - This is how it works with Android and iOS

Access to Internet pages can be blocked so that the little ones among cell phone users do not end up on certain websites or to protect themselves from distractions. We show how this works with Android smartphones and iPhones.

While Android devices require an additional app to block websites, iOS does this directly via the settings.

iPhone: Block websites

On the iPhone, you either completely block access to adult content or you can block certain websites. How to find the option on iOS:

  1. Go to the Settings app.
  2. Control the section Generally at.
  3. Here you choose the area Screen time out.
  4. Tap Restrictions.
  5. If set up, give yours Screen time code a.
  6. Activate the option.
  7. Then go to Content restrictions.
  8. Here you can now select which content should be blocked on the iPhone.
  9. To block websites, switch to the area Web content.
  10. Now choose whether websites harmful to minors should generally be blocked or whether a list you have created should be accessed. In addition, you can specify that only websites you have entered yourself can be opened on this iPhone.
  11. over Add website You enter the web addresses of the corresponding content to block or unblock.

The setting affects both Safari and other apps installed on the iPhone.

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Block websites on Android phones

On an Android smartphone, you need an additional app for website management. The free application will help you here BlockSite:

  1. Install the application from the Google Play Store on your mobile phone.
  2. After starting, follow the instructions on the screen to do so BlockSite receives the appropriate authorizations.
  3. After selecting Use service, use the plus symbol to add websites to be blocked.
  4. In addition, offers BlockSite a general protection function for minors to block all content from the age of 18.

BlockSite currently supports the browser apps Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Opera Mini and Brave. In order to secure your mobile phone even more, we will introduce you to three reliable parental control apps and show you important settings for the protection of minors on the mobile phone.