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No more "Mad Max"? George Miller makes more films (update)

Update: George Miller has denied yesterday's report. He would like to continue Mad Max- Making movies and didn't say he wanted to stop. It was just misunderstood. With that, Miller is still the director of Mad Max 5 - The Wasteland, but would like to implement a smaller film project beforehand.


The success of Mad Max 4 - Fury Road came as a surprise and it was once again a late testimony of what director was for George Miller be able to. He himself was so optimistic and already announced a fifth part Mad Max 5 - The Wasteland which he also wanted to do. But before that, a smaller film should be made.

Now Miller should have caught up with reality. On March 3rd, the director will be 71 years old and he will have realized that he can no longer plan so many years for big projects because nobody knows what tomorrow will be. Miller announced (actually not) surprisingly that he will not make another film about Mad Max. The fourth part would have cost a lot of time and effort and took forever before it could be completed. Then there were the many problems with the shoot and Miller doesn't want to do that to himself again.

This news may sound shocking to fans of the series. But even if George Miller Mad Max 5 - The Wasteland will not do, of course, that does not mean that there will be no more part of the series. The rights are enclosed Warner bros. and after the Mad Max 4 - Fury Road advanced to such a hit, the distributor would be stupid not to explore the possibilities of a sequel. Miller himself never resisted the possibility of another director taking over. Nevertheless, it is a severe blow, without going ahead, since the first oneMad Max Was behind the camera in 1980. Miller was the visionary who shaped the series.

Passing the scepter on can still give the series new impulses, but it can also have negative effects. In the past, there have been many good and bad examples in other franchises when a new director took over. Despite this news, we are initially approaching the matter positively.