Has anyone failed TM meditation?

Address July 16, 2000 (Guru Purnima)
Broadcast: Maharishi Channel (www.maharishichannel.org)
Unauthorized translation from English: Jürgen Eichholz
«We feel the greatest blessing of Guru Dev. Especially when we feel that the
Guru Dev's blessing persists. At all times he is indefinitely present everywhere - the constitution of the universe which governs the universe and maintains the unity of diverse existence. The diverse existence that is eternally preserved on the level of the unified wholeness. In Vedic terms: «Aham Brahmasmi» - «I am wholeness, you are that and all this is that» - «Aham Brahmasmi», «Sarvam Khalvidam Brahm» «Everything is wholeness, wholeness, completeness».
And in the state of wholeness there is miraculously a flow, there is speed. There is the least speed, there is the least flow, and there is the maximum speed and the maximum flow. There are theories, confirmed by mathematical conclusions, that the universe is an expanding universe. It is always a universe and always an expanding universe. These waves of time come and go in the eternal silence of the eternal dynamic that dwells in it. The whole galactic universe, the infinite number of galaxies - not just one infinity, an infinite number of infinities. This is the vision of an ever expanding universe.
Where is the supervisory authority in this? That is valuable to us. We are celebrating Guru Dev's Golden Jubilee today to bring forth something of the highest value. We know that gold is the most valuable, even if there are other metals, it doesn't matter. Gold, the shining gold, the inner aspect of the sun, the life-giving sun. Everyone's Self in terms of Ved - Pure Knowledge. And pure knowledge in terms of the unified wholeness of the three values ​​of knower, cognition and known, which we have understood all along. And through Transcendental Meditation we have experienced the blissful value of our own self-referential quality of consciousness, self-referential quality of consciousness. All these years we've talked about it, we've told people about it. And those who heard it found out and are better off today. Millions of individuals who are better off month after month and year after year for all these last 40, 50 years. Now is the time for us to have a goal - "Svarn Jayanti", consistent "Svarn Jayanti". «Svarn Jayanti» means solemnity, celebrating the golden jubilee, jubilee, joy. The joy of what? The joy of the highest value of life, the joy of the golden character, the luminous, radiant prosperity, abundance, fulfillment of all humanity.
We have this knowledge, that is the grace of Guru Dev. We have celebrated Guru Purnima year after year. Every year the symbol of wholeness, the moon, comes every month, every month. We celebrated it according to our eternal tradition of Vedic Wisdom, the eternal tradition of the continuum of life, which is life - continuum of life. And to understand that, we have all the different systems of knowledge acquisition - Ved, Vedanta, Yog, Karma, Sankhya, Vaisheshik - all these different aspects of Vedic knowledge, we have counted them, forty in number. And the branches and sub-branches and leaves and every fiber of the fully developed ever-growing tree of life - ever-growing tree of individual life and ever-growing tree of cosmic life. Both grow in the same way. The individual is cosmic! In his cosmic dignity, the individual has infinite freedom, infinite ability in thoughts, speech and actions - huge as one could think and be.
A thought is a delicate aspect of being. The field of being is an infinite, ever expanding galactic universe - universe. This is human capacity. This is what we really mean by "Golden", Golden Jubilee - to rejoice over the realization of the reality of everyone's life. This is the anniversary that we celebrated on a full moon year after year. After so many years, today we find ourselves in a position where we can see - what can we see? - the golden shine of the reality of life, a cosmically present golden shine, golden jubilation. And in terms of Vedic literature this is in one word "Prakriti". A unified whole of Prakriti, transcendental Para Prakriti and the divided Prakriti, eight Prakrities. Eight Prakrities: Bhumi, Rapo, Nalo, Vayu, Kam, Mano, Budh, Dire, Ahamkar, Itiham ... These are the eight divided prakrities. We understand it: Prakriti means "nature". Rishi, Devata, Chhandas - three values, their unified wholeness in Samhita, everyone has understood that. Anyone who meditates and who is in contact with meditators knows that there is something special. And what's so special? It is the view of the totality of life in
Terms of the Samhita from Rishi, Devata and Chhandas. This is the reality of life and this reality of life has been sung, day after day and night after night, week after week and year after year and Guru Purnima for Guru Purnima.
Today we want to sing a song that is shining gold, golden light everywhere. In Rk-Ved we have a term for it «Anoraniyan» - «Smaller than the smallest» is the light of consciousness. Smaller than the smallest, present in the reality of every grain of creation, every grain, grain. Every particle of creation - it is particles that make up infinity, namely innumerable infinities. So the lifespan is smaller than the smallest and larger than the largest. Greater than the greatest means an ever expanding universe. And since when has it expanded? Since you can only imagine it, since you could throw your imagination into the infinite, eternal field of space and time. A galactic universe. And its character is golden, pleasantly shining gold. Today we celebrate Guru Dev's Golden Jubilee in this reality of life, the reality of the life of every individual, every social group together, every nation as a whole, the entire world, our galaxy, our universe.
Since the beginning of the movement, it has been the desire to let this real, golden glow of life, which is the reality of the self-referential consciousness of everyone, become the daily experience of everyone, in every field of thought, speech and action. This was the aspiration: if it is everyone, why shouldn't everyone be like this? The world has been misdirected. The upbringing has not been very satisfactory. Very bad upbringing because everything depends on upbringing. The child comes, it doesn't know anything. Whatever you tell it is what it knows. Upbringing is very, very deplorable because it lets the field of lethargy persist - the lethargic field of life, which is darkness. The upbringing is bad, the health is very bad. I have been talking about health for years, about the inappropriateness of modern university education. The term university is a very flawed choice of words. There is no education there, at any university in the world, since the development of the university concept in education,
Human consciousness, which in reality is unlimited, infinite, eternally expanding, eternally shining, has been put into divided compartments, into very, very separate values. Physiologists say, when you see, one part of the brain works, when we hear, another part of the brain works, when we smell something ... all these five senses of gaining knowledge and the five senses of acting on that knowledge, all of these are separate experiences . Nothing gives a holistic experience, except transcendental meditation, which allows the mind, the active mind, to come to rest. And the calm mind is like the calm state of all ocean waves. Regardless of itself, in its absolute silence, it has the potential of any strong wave or weak wave, any type of wave can emerge from this calm state of the ocean. This is the secret that education must relearn everywhere. All universities, it doesn't make sense to name names, all universities where the university presidents are very proud: "Yes, come to my university, I'll give you everything you want." But everything is a separate area of ​​knowledge, whether it's physics, chemistry or whatever, all these different separate areas. And the worst thing about university education is that you dive into smaller and smaller areas the further you progress in education. At the end they get a PhD, at the end they get a reward. But what happened to him?
Researchers are named who have been chosen as Outstanding People of the Year worldwide; someone in the field of mathematics receives a Nobel Prize - a top man in the world. Someone in physiology, in chemistry will be top man in the world, top of the world. After a while, someone else will overtake it. You find out that the Nobel Prize was awarded, but it was wrong. What is correct today is what is said today. So many Nobel Prizes have been rejected. This is because the whole quality of upbringing is split up. Split means: Every university prides itself on having so many departments and so many PhD students and all that. But the whole thing is a scam. I have to use this word as we celebrate Guru Dev's Golden Jubilee that the present state of life is a non-life. Darkness, darkness is perpetuated.
We have tested it for the past 40, 50 years and we have tried it in all parts of the world that our program is THE program that reveals the entire reality of life, which is shining, which is bliss, which is fulfillment, which invincible, invincible. We have to encourage this in order to improve this life. We tried year after year. We have set up programs, we do programs every year. Also this year we are making programs so that all of humanity will rise to the reality of life. But there are organizations in the world, these existing universities - be careful, I use a word that should not frighten anyone - I say "existing governments" because education is in the hands of them
Government, health is in the hands of the government. A minister, if he's an engineer, then he opens other engineering schools because that's what he knows.
Every government is the materialization of persons - the president and others make up a government. And every government is loyal to its constitution. I challenge all governments today, I challenge all universities today, I challenge everything in the world there is about life in the realm of knowing and doing: the whole thing is very, very disgusting as far as it relates to the Reality of life, which is bliss consciousness, relates to bliss consciousness. It's called Parame Vyoman, Transcendental Consciousness, self-referential value of Transcendental Consciousness. I am surrounded by great scientists of this scientific age. Professor Volker ... I invite the whole world to listen to the values ​​that Professor Volker has given to quantum field theory, the latest discoveries in physics, chemistry, mathematics, cosmology and psychology and the whole thing. Education must, so that it actually does justice to the education of a person in the realm of the entire natural law, education must be guided from the level of the unified field. For the past hundred years, research has been about discovering the one element that transcends space and time, which is the self-interacting dynamics at the basis of all physical values ​​in existence. If you want to start from modern science, follow the Unified Field Theories interpretations of every aspect of modern science as given by Professor Volker.
It is a great harm to life ... When we celebrate the Golden Jubilee today, we are in a very joyful state, we are in a very joyful state of being, we are in a very joyful state of thinking, we are in a very joyful state of speaking, we are in a very joyful state of action. We want to correct the mistakes on earth first. And what will radiate from this earth is the light of the highest quality of gold, which is invincible, independent, alive in each individual. This has to go into upbringing, this has to go into health care, this has to become part of the defense.
When we speak of defense, today's defense, built on small useless organizations that only know destruction, takes pleasure in destruction. All this NATO, the Americans and the British and the Germans and all these destroyers of human life are enjoying it. We are also delighted. We enjoy the possibility of real wholeness of natural law, which will become a living reality in the life of every human being. And these people have their own ways of destruction. Wherever you want, destroy, destroy. NATO is digging its own grave by destroying here and there and there. And the British, the Germans and the Americans are following their path of destruction, whether they listen to me or not. But that's the reality. We want to save them. We want to save these destructive countries, these governments.
Every government has a constitution that it must follow. Every government is proud of its constitution. Germans are proud of the German constitution. But when they destroy, they cause all of this destruction. When we celebrate, we are filled with the spirit of Guru Dev's Golden Jubilee. When the light is on, the darkness disappears, it goes far, far away. There she waits until the lights go out again and then comes back again. We understood this view from the Vedic tradition. This is called life: the darkness of the night and the bright sunshine during the day, again darkness of the night and sunshine during the day. The whole is a habit of infinity, of eternity. It does not matter. Even if it's a prakriti habit, a nature's habit, we want it. What we want is: Purusha. We want the light of Purusha, the light of independence. Purusha means ... I would like to hear the Purusha Sukta from the Vedic Pandits today, because we want to bring all of humanity there. And that is the full creative potential of individual life, which is cosmic. And this Purusha-Sukta of the 10th Mandala of the Rk Veda, in the Purusha-Sukta, these are the vibrations of the golden light that we are celebrating today. Purusha sukta.
The Vedic tradition of reciting this Purusha-Sukta serves to enliven the quiet, only witnessing quality of the highest worth of life - the witnessing quality of which modern science, of which Professor Volker says - "self-referential dynamics". Self-referential dynamics in which the self recognizes itself. And it only knows itself. And when it realizes itself, it's like holding the reins of all the horses that pull the wagon. The reins of all horses are held. And how many horses? It is called: Sahasra Shirscha Purusha - that means Thousand-Headed Purusha. Sahasra Kshara Parame Vyoman - these are such beautiful aspirations that bloom in our consciousness today when we are in the light of Guru Dev's Jubilee, when we want to float on the plane of perfection. We don't want to waste our time on imperfections because they will all go away. Later we will think about what we want to do.
What we actually want to do: So far we've been on a very positive level. Our theme was: Bring the light and the dark will go. Don't worry about the dark! But to speed it up, the Bhagavad Gita tells us - Bhagavad Gita is the practical essence of all Vedic wisdom - it says: Paritranaya sadhunam - listen carefully to me without getting excited - what Krishna Arjuna says is: Be on two Levels. When you turn on the light you do two things, at the same time you do two things. You bring the light and you drive out the darkness. This is the great principle, the Vedic Principle, which defines the path of evolution, the path of evolution in terms of two values: bringing light and spontaneously removing darkness at the same time.
Paritranaya sadhunam vinashaya cha dushkritam dharma samsthapanarthaya sambhavami yuge yuge - (Bhagavad Gita IV, 8)
Dharma Samsthapana - this is Dharma. And I reprimand the Indian government for banning Dharma. Such a shame. India is the land of Veda, the land of Dharma. Dharma is the element that sustains evolution and determines each stage of evolution. I want to put the Indian government on Indian foundations.It has shifted to American ideals, British ideals, German ideals. These destructive fields in the world must be destroyed. NATO must cease operations as soon as possible. NATO must stop its activities! The American dominance of the world, the British dominance of diplomacy and the German dominance of action and all of that must be destroyed. I use a very strong word, but I mean it too! It has to be destroyed!
When they all bombed a nearby country, I sent a message to those in charge - whoever it was, we don't need to go into the details - that there is an alternative and that peace can be restored by peaceful means. He said: "There is no alternative." ...
[No sound in the transmission for 1-2 sentences.]
And that from the German government. No matter what incitement, British or American, but it is the view of a German government. I would like to say to the world: If you buy a German machine or buy anything from Germany, you are supporting your own destruction. Prohibit German goods, Prohibit British goods, Prohibit American goods. Ban American embassies, ban German embassies. Get rid of them from your country. "
Governments must stand up for their own constitution. I invite everyone in the world, at least one, two, three, four, at least four people in each country to read their constitution. The constitution will not allow them to continue destroying their neighbors. These undisputed cops of the welfare of life, great! Look at this man's aspirations. He is a leader of the workers in America. One can only expect mistakes from a workers leader. Workers always need someone to supervise them. "You dig here and you dig here ...", a watchdog. All these workers 'leaders, workers' organizations, the workers 'governments in England and America - I don't know what government they have in Germany - but they are driven by this workers' intelligentsia. And you can't expect anything from a worker except destroy, destroy, destroy.
It is very, very necessary for our organization that has been teaching Transcendental Meditation for 40 years - now I am of the opinion that we should destroy the very harmful education in all these countries. The upbringing is very, very poor. The universities should be closed, that's all. All these great universities in Germany that educate people to work hard, work hard, work hard. Where is the cosmic potential of a German? He works 15 hours a day, he makes money, money, money. But at the expense of life. What is life Constant bliss flowing in bliss consciousness. This is life. What is German life? "Come to the factory, enjoy another machine, another machine." Germans work 15 hours. A loss of life.
And all that gun production, British, American. They sell guns. And all the governments of the poor countries: The arms-making countries give top people a lot of money, the president, the minister or the defense minister, and they sell their arms. They say, “Never mind, you don't have to pay if you don't have money. But I want you to save your country. So you pay later, but use my weapons. " These common people of the developing world are in the hands of these very criminal weapon sales methods. Very, very harmful to the country.
University education needs to be improved. But when these destructive people are part of the government, they will maintain this type of education so that people are not allowed - I use
this word - so that humans are not allowed to use their entire brain. We want education, Vedic education, education of the cosmic constitution, which rules the universe with perfect order. 3-4 years ago I dictated a book that was sent to the governments. This book only says that the constitution of any country can be fulfilled through Vedic education, which gives the experience of the self-referential dynamics of one's self.
Now my program is to eradicate poverty in the world. This is a blessing on these Guru Dev's Golden Jubilee celebrations, as roughly half the world is poor. This poverty in the world challenged capitalism and gave rise to communism. But since it was not based on reality, communism was destroyed in many places. So it is not the man-made systems of capitalism or communism or dictatorship or monarchy, not the man-made administrative skills, but the administrative skills that are based on natural law. The law of nature.
Every constitution in the world is meaningful, full of good intentions. Whatever the time, some people sat together and agreed who should do what. On this day I have a wonderful story of freedom to tell: Four people in Switzerland were sitting together by a lake, very quiet, nobody should listen to them and know what they were doing. They made their decision: they stopped paying their taxes. And since no more taxes to be paid found favor with everyone, with all businessmen, they stopped doing it. And so the freedom of Switzerland dawned. That kind of one, two people, three, four, I want from every country. And I have the programs based on complete natural law that will eliminate poverty from every country.
I tell every government - all kinds of people are listening to me on this broadcast today. I want to tell them, “If the government is maintaining poverty in your country, it doesn't deserve to be a government. If you are patriotic, give up your seats or, if you want to keep your seats, take this university as your advisor. Advice is very popular all over the world. Our university has created such programs that can eradicate poverty. Listen to those who hear this, even if they are American, British, or German. But listen to what I tell you! This management university, inspired by the complete knowledge of natural law, has the ability to bring the constitution of any country to fruition. Listen to what I am telling you! Hire this university. I invite every government to do so, because every government today is unfortunate. This is the diagnosis, the diagnosis of an epidemic of mistakes by all governments. "
I invite every government to take advice from our Management University. The Management University will not bring money to these countries like these money people from Germany and America, not like the World Bank, not like those who have been exposed because of their riches. The university will manage - I am so happy to say this - this university has the power to transform the grains of dust of the arable soils, the grains of sand, into golden shine, into golden dust, dust particles, golden particles, the sand of every country. This is the ability of this university of education, with its really good scientists, who will change the trends of the time.
All governments everywhere are complete failures because there is poverty in every country. Poverty is prevalent in every country, poor education is prevalent in every country, poor farming systems are prevalent in every country. They use poisons, they use poisons just to make money. These people sell guns. They give arms to both countries and let them fight. It is a very indecent attitude on the part of a government. Ask these governments how destructive their constitution is! They will say: No! They will speak in terms of peace and bomb the countries. This barbarism should go and it will go.
To this example of the four people in Switzerland who decided to achieve freedom together, I would like to include a very interesting aspect, this kind of three or four people: I have my movement everywhere, but I notice that my movement is destructive Forces was struck. People join this movement and are drawn away with individual temptations. It's a very bad thing, it's cruel. But the people in my movement become victims of these conspiracies themselves. I had thought that the German character was a brave character. But I find that the entire German movement is lethargic. They have all been lured away. All of these people who are the leaders of the movement have been lured away by knowledge. Wrong people have come in who belong to the suffering, who belong to the Christian faith, which always favors suffering, suffering, suffering, suffering. The Pope apologizes, but his entire organization is busy converting innocent people in the world. Such a shameful work of deception. This is done on the basis of religion, religion, major religion.
These are all the wrong things that prevail in society. I want three or four people, even one person, to step forward and examine the judiciary of their country - the justice of their country. Make a lawsuit out of it. After 50 years, I bring up this point, the people of my movement, if there is still some life left in them! Because they are all surrounded by all these wrong people, very wrong people who lead others away with individual temptations and withdraw from the whole thing.
Test the laws of your country! What are the conditions in your country? I've heard of a law, I don't know the details, but I ask that you bring proceedings against the government. The term is consumer protection law. A big fuss is being made about the Consumer Protection Act. Americans use consumer law to suppress the freedom of the people who don't want American things. The laws in each country are to be tested where the law, supported by the constitution of the country, promotes life or ignorance. Who is the administration consumer? The entire population of the country. If the government does not impart complete knowledge, who will suffer? This should fall under the Consumer Protection Act.
Hire an unknown lawyer to file the lawsuit. Take my book in which I state that the constitution of every country favors peace and happiness for the whole population. But the government only favors those who give their money. So much corruption. Legal proceedings are ongoing and prime ministers and presidents go to jail after their term in office and so on. It is a crime against life. Why shouldn't the basis of all of this be removed? And the basis of this, as I mentioned in the book, will be removed through proper education, through training the population to use their full brain potential, through the use of the full potential of the brain. Listen carefully: The use of full brain physiology is only available through the experience of unlimited emptiness, transcendental awareness, self-referential awareness, self-referential dynamic that is eternally silent - self-referential eternally silent full potential of dynamic. Just this experience that is the experience of Transcendental Consciousness, just this unlimited experience of nothing - notice every word I say - only the experience of Infinity that is Transcendental Consciousness - I repeat: only the experience of Transcendental Consciousness uses the full creative potential of the human brain.
And this was Dr. Ljubimov on Transcendental Meditation. He was a great scientist of a simple nature, a very lovable person from Russia. This happened a few years ago. What he said was: Transcendental meditation uses brain reserves, brain reserves. This means - the part of the brain that is not used when you see, hear, smell, taste, touch when you do something. In Vedic terms: Gyanendriyas, five senses of perception. Each of the five senses of perception uses an aspect of the brain. The whole brain does not become active in any other experience of speaking, thinking or feeling or anything else, only in the experience of Transcendental Consciousness, which is an infinite field of nothing. I use the word nothing, that is the field of the absolute. Only this experience through Transcendental Meditation uses the full brain.
We want the world's educational institutions, whether they are American like Harvard or whatever, all these Cambridge, Harvard that have a name and some student becomes a Treasury Secretary or a Prime Minister or a President, whatever. The whole thing is fraudulent. This means that none of these universities is able to develop the functioning of the whole brain. None of these universities, whatever their fame, whatever their professors' salaries, whatever their fees, and they only take in great boys - but they ruin their entire brains. The whole brain works - and that's a result of a Russian, Dr. Lyubimov. He spoke of brain reserves. The parts of the brain that have remained reserved that do not participate in the activity become active during the experience of Transcendental Consciousness.
When I feel so solemn at this Guru Dev's blessing for this Transcendental Meditation, I am speaking on the level of science. Of course I am speaking on the level of Vedic Science. I am speaking on the level of the Unified Field of today's physical sciences, all of today's physical sciences. I've talked about this for years. What I want today is three or four people, one man in each country, to challenge the government to find out whether the laws in the country favor life or favor destruction. If destruction is preferred, full brain function will not be established. If you really want to live and let live, then come to the delight of the golden anniversary celebrations.
I challenge the leaders of my movement, every leader of my movement should investigate in his life where he has missed the glory of knowledge. He missed the glory of knowing when he brought his little, little things to the fore of life and sacrificed the big picture. Whether the person is from my movement or whether the person is patriotic for his country, he feels for the people of his country, I invite him to change the laws of the country, to test the laws of the country. File a lawsuit against the government with reference to the laws. The lawyers will find out other laws where individual interests in corruption, in money, in the abuse of power, can make all of this inappropriateness persist in the administration.
The argument of all these people trying to become president, or chairman of the dominant party, etc., their purpose is that the next election, whenever it comes up, will have a lot of money for them. So the money-oriented party work or power is poison for the nation. We want to test the laws of the country, whether they are for corruption or for peace, joy, the individual. Our poverty eradication program is a challenge, a public challenge, for every head of state and his cabinet members or whatever it is called. Respond to the offer of this university to increase the per capita income!
We have Dr. Bennie Feldman. He put some thought into creating the missing element, the poverty eradication program. He designed it in such a way that, as I have said, the grains of sand in every country will be grains of gold. And if the members of the government, any member of the government - any president or whoever he may be, however popular he may be in his country - if he doesn't use that cause, sue him on the basis of consumer protection laws. The consumer of any administration is every single citizen of the country. And if someone hurts him, he has the right to sue and get a verdict on whether the government administration has the right to continue at such a level of poverty for 50 percent of the population.
Take the example of Brazil. Brazil has so many billions of dollars to be spent somewhere, but millions of people are suffering in the country. Efforts have been made, but the President does not have time to meet our people. What is the use of this government, what is the point of the government that has huge sums of money, billions of dollars, but leaves poverty to persist for millions of people? Shouldn't this lack of intelligence be challenged by the citizens? Yes, in the same way that these four people in Switzerland decided they would no longer pay taxes to the foreign rulers.Who rules Brazil today? Not the local population. The local people are simple people, but they are led by those everyone knows. But we want to test the Brazilian constitution to see whether it favors foreign powers or whether it favors the lives of the people in the country. This is an example, Brazil is an example.
The other example is Mozambique. Mozambique has been in contact with me for the past 10 years, but all the while the ministers are, the president is, it is good enough for all of them that they receive a billion in aid. And where is this billion going? Not to the 20 million citizens of Mozambique. Where is she going We don't need to go into the details here. But these are examples of massacres of human interests, massacres of human interests. On the one hand through inadequate upbringing, which does not allow people to develop their full brain potential, and the economic situation of the people. What is the economic situation of the people like? Ask the ministers or the President of Mozambique where all the aid money is being spent. Aid money is poison! Aid funds are poison because they make the president, the head of state or the ministers dependent on weapons.
These are the basic weaknesses that prevail in the world. Governments are not needed if they are unable to prevent them. All this poverty! So we develop a program and ask the governments to implement it quickly. So many governments have been called upon. But all these governments that are used to taking bribes - we have told them that it is not possible to get bribes from this university - only there will be knowledge from this university, and that knowledge will turn the specks of dust into grains of gold. They laugh and they think that is not possible. But from their level of intelligence nothing is possible.
That is why for decades, for decades, governments have failed. Every government is a failure! They distribute money on election dates, I know that from India. Any party that has the money gets the votes. And the British, Americans, Germans, they bring sacks of money, give it to a party. And if the party doesn't serve their interests, they change the government. The whole thing is - again I don't want to use the term, but I have to use it - fraud. The constitution is not followed in any country. Because if the constitutions were followed, there would be no poverty in any country. On the one hand, a man has one
Income of $ 20,000 per capita income and on the other hand $ 10, $ 100, $ 200 per capita income in the world. Who is responsible for that? Lack of intelligence in the administrators!
For 40 years now the world consciousness has been growing in coherence and more reason is showing. There are signs that things are getting a little more sensible. Even the thought of eradicating poverty in every country is growing. This is the time for all heads of state because ultimately they are responsible. But I have to tell you that all the minds in the developing world have no mind. They are heads of state without a head. Take refuge in the advice of this management university. Maharishi University of Management can take over managing your country through you. It is not necessary for you to give up your position. You can stay in office, but following the university's plan is the foundation of authority. The result will be that millions of your citizens will be better off next season. If you don't do that, remember, you'll all end up in jail for, I'm pretty sure, the law, the Supreme Court justices. Such a fuss is made about the Supreme Courts; upper dishes, lower dishes, international dishes. The whole thing is very immature, to say the least, very, very immature.
And the professors of this university, the Management University, are fortunately very confident that they can turn the dust particles into gold particles in every country. And if the government of any country does not have the courage, believe me, you will have to give up power. The opposition already exists in your country. As long as the population doesn't know why a farmer who works so hard in the fields in the sun, why can he just survive, why shouldn't he live in a decent house? Why should the wealthy people, who are very affluent, pay little for the food that the farmer's misery produces? Why should they eat farmer's health? This is a bad system! The overall understanding of this is very poor.
The whole understanding is very poor because the complete brain is not admitted in any education. The universities, the whole structure of the universities, is very shameful because it divides knowledge. It does not offer like our offer at these grand celebrations for Guru Dev's Golden Jubilee, where we offer the world an education that will train the youth, the young, the youth, even the elderly, to use their full brains. At the very least, they should use their full brain, but more importantly, develop the cosmic brain. And the secret of brain functions is that the complete working of the human brain - listen to this carefully - the complete working of the human brain is the cosmic working of the cosmic brain.
It is a beautiful knowledge that has unfolded and we summarize the knowledge that we have promoted in the world. And we are strong. With strong words we express this knowledge, because in very gentle words, through scientific research and all these nice things, we have promoted Transcendental Meditation over all these many years. But now that I have found out that American intelligence, the Pope's religious intelligence, and British and German intelligence have corrupted the leaders of our movement with money and individual temptations, I challenge this whole organization, in simple but strong words. And what I am saying is absolutely correct. Whether it's in favor of NATO or not. Whether it overturns the entire civilization of America or England or Germany or not. But what I'm saying is in favor of life.
And the world again does not like to hear these words. But I am very determined to tell the world that things are not right. And what is going on? There is university education, there is government law. I am not asking people to revolt against the government. I just ask people to obey the law. Whether the judiciary in your country favors America, England or Germany or whether it favors life in your own country. I want to find out all of this.
The poverty eradication program is running in 33 countries. I have no hesitation in asking the citizens of the country to clarify in court whether the consumer protection laws protect individuals from attacks by government corruption and all the things that we do not want to deal with in detail. I urge every government to consult my university quickly. And they will show you a golden way to achieve the goal. If you don't, remember: you will not be there for the term of office you assumed! Because the trends of the world are cleaner than last year than in the years before. All the government people who have been hiding behind bribes, money, etc. while poverty continues to prevail in their country.
The constitution is fine. In every generation, people concerned about the quality of life in their country study the Constitution and work for the Constitution, but it is foreign influence that blinds them to private temptations. It is a crime against life. Whoever does that. Whether it is the most powerful country in the world, America or the most deceitful country England or Germany. Hitler can be born from this current tendency in Germany.
All these lifeless leaders of my movement should be made aware of their own responsibility. You have the knowledge that dominion over the entire universe has located within the self-referential Transcendental Consciousness of everyone! You have this knowledge, but you have not used this knowledge properly. Otherwise the world would be a better one and we would have celebrated this Golden Jubilee a long time ago. Any person who has anything to do with the movement should review their own personal life. It has to be like that. Never mind, I can afford to let all these useless people go. I can start a new movement every day.
And I ask these people, one, two, three in each country, to test the sincerity and goodwill of their government with an application, because the whole population is ruined by poor education, poor quality of health, poor defense . The name is defense but the actions are offensive. The whole thing is a scam. Either governments are waking up to these very powerful words spoken after 50 years of reviewing life and improving life in the world. We are celebrating Guru Dev's Golden Jubilee. Because complete knowledge of the natural law in the simplest human state of consciousness is the knowledge that constant golden jubilee celebrations deserve. But in order to have a life based on golden luster, that life is on the level of golden luster, education, health, defense programs and everything must be on the level of purity, purity!
I don't want to keep coming back to this example from Brazil. There are billions in the government treasury, but that is how much poverty there is in Brazil. What kind of government is that? And what is the opposition doing in Brazil? The opposition always keeps its mouth shut by giving opposition leaders money. But this is a fraud against the whole population. If the opposition leader who is being given an honor for his own individual benefit abandons the responsibility of leading, he is a bad person. He cannot be an opposition leader. The whole thing is fraudulent!