Is the earthquake damage insured?

Earthquake Insurance - Benefits and Limits

Almost all earthquakes in Germany are very weak and do not cause any damage. Nevertheless, earthquake insurance can bring advantages in certain German regions and minimize financial risks. Large parts of Baden-Württemberg, the Alpine foothills, the Rheingraben, parts of the Franconian Alb, the “Cologne Bay” and the Leipzig-Gera-Chemnitz area are affected by tectonic disturbances. There are also areas with once high mining intensity, primarily the Ruhr area and Saarland.

Earthquakes, landslides and subsidence cause damage from the elements

In Germany (in contrast to Switzerland and other countries) the consumer cannot take out independent earthquake insurance. Rather, these are part of a package of "natural hazard insurance", which in turn is included in the Home and home insurance are integrated. In other words: when you take out home insurance, you can choose to have the building insured against earthquakes and other natural hazards (such as storms, floods or hail).

In this sense, earthquake insurance also includes protection against "natural" subsidence and landslides - two events that occur much more frequently than earthquakes in Germany. Landslides occur particularly in mountainous regions, where potentially unstable, damp slopes can slide.

In this country, earthquakes, landslides and subsidence rarely endanger the life and limb of those affected, but they can affect the buildings significant damage dish up. The range of possibilities extends from a crack in the wall to the complete collapse of a building. An earthquake or natural hazard insurance protects against these financial consequences (at least above the usual deductible).

Conclusion: does earthquake insurance make sense?

As with all insurance decisions, it depends on the individual case which expense is worthwhile. For people who live in areas that are prone to "natural" earth movement, this option can be very useful. This applies in particular to a correspondingly adapted building insurance, less so to household insurance.

Of course, the policyholder should always keep an eye on the overall package as well as the price-performance ratio and a critical one Insurance comparison hire.