What is your lockscreen wallpaper and why

Lock screen password

Tired of everyone picking up your phone and going through your stuff without asking? Are you looking for a cool and simple lockscreen wallpaper that will decorate and protect your phone at the same time? Download lock screen password now and prevent other people from getting on your phone! This lock screen wallpaper change app will keep your phone and privacy safe from prying eyes. Try super cool lock screens for your phone as they are customizable and very easy to use. Download lock screen password and relax as this simple lock screen app will make you feel safe at all times!

How to set your new lock screen 2020:

1. Select the "Enable lock screen" check box.
2. Enter your password and enter the same password again for confirmation.
3. Now you can customize the background of your lock screen:

➤ Set your background (choose from 6 pictures)!
➤ Select the time setting am / pm or 24h!
➤ Switch the date on / off!
➤ Select the displayed date format!
➤ Show or hide the battery!

Protect your privacy from parents or relatives with a fantastic lock screen design! The lock screen with password and notifications is there because nobody should break into your private content. These cool lock screen wallpapers will make your phone beautiful and keep your secrets private. This is why downloading lock screen password is a must! Personalize your phone by choosing blue lock screens for free.

Downloading lock screen password is a great way to get cool lock screen for boys and girls alike! One of the best lock screen apps for your phone can be yours with just a few taps of the screen. Choose a "background lock" you like and think of a secret passcode that no one can guess. If you are a parent, these amazing “screen lock password” prevent your kids from buying items or making calls. You see, it's an efficient, trendy, and cool number lock screen that keeps your phone safe and unique!

With the new sleek keypad lock screen like this lock screen app, you no longer have to hide your phone from everyone else. Our lock screen wallpaper for locked phones is available for free. In addition to choosing a simple blue wallpaper for your lock screen, you can also set the time, date, and battery. Cool lockscreen apps like this one keep all of your texts, selfies, and chats out of the public eye. Download Lock Screen Password for free and improve the security of your phone!