How difficult is it to become CS

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Game description:
That belongs in the field of first-person shooters, often also called "shooting games" Counter-Strike-Franchise to Most Popular Video Game Series. This is mainly due to the popularity within the esports scene, i.e. competitive video gamers. The first part already belonged to the Counter-StrikeSeries, which started as a mod for the popular Half-Life, has become a fan favorite. Over the years, e-sports have blossomed into a mass phenomenon and also Counter-Strike has gained popularity. In the meantime, tournaments are also played in stadiums and prize money in the up to six-figure range is played.
The basic game principle, which has meanwhile been expanded to include additional modes, is quickly explained: two teams, each with five players, fight each other with weapons. However, it is much more tactical than you might initially assume. On the one hand there are terrorists who, depending on the map, either have to plant a bomb or guard hostages, and on the other hand there are special forces who either have to defuse the bomb or free the hostages. This requires all kinds of strategic tact and above all good consultation with the team from the players. So, for example, should a fellow campaigner lure the opposing team on the wrong track while the rest of them try to plant the bomb? The highlight is that each player only has one life per round. If your character dies within the first few minutes, you have to watch your team for the rest of the round.
In addition, with Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Additional modes introduced, such as the so-called "Gun Play", where players receive a better weapon for each shot. What all modes have in common is that they can only be played in multiplayer mode or with computer opponents. There is no single player mode with a campaign or backstory.
Also new are microtransactions, i.e. real money purchases with small amounts. So in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive buy so-called skins for his weapons. These are, for example, different colors or designs of the already known weapons. These have no playful advantage, but are purely cosmetic in nature. Skins can be unlocked at random for real money, but there is also the option to trade rare skins. We have already published a video on the subject that illuminates the subject in more detail and discusses the risks.

Pedagogical assessment:
Getting started is difficult
The basic game mechanics do not differ from other genre colleagues, so that experienced players can quickly control them. However, it can take a few hours until you have immersed yourself in the individual modes, trained on tactics and trained your reflexes. In the multiplayer mode, for example, getting started is difficult and frustrating, as the teams are sometimes unevenly trained and your own character often dies early within a round. The learning curve increases slowly but surely - but you have to play regularly in order to have a real chance against other human players.

Good times Bad Times
The amount of time that goes into the game differs significantly from person to person. The multiplayer mode, on which the focus of Counter-Strike also for a few short laps in between. However, as in most other multiplayer titles, there are so-called clans in which players organize themselves to play together. As part of such a clan, there may be socially compulsory appointments for members where they can meet for a few rounds or even entire tournaments in front of the computer. This can then take several hours at a time. Organization and communication are often completely online.

The crux of the matter
Indeed is delighted Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, despite contrary reports, not because of excessive depictions of violence in the particular popularity. Blood flows like this, but there are no separated body parts or other explicit representations. Tactical thinking, team play and sharpened reflexes, which enable the balanced game mechanics, are much more in the foreground. And that's what makes the fan base so attractive. Most likely you can have a lot Counter-Strike compare with that of a team sport in which similar aspects are in the foreground.

With Counter-Strike: Global Offensive the series will continue with dignity and can still attract several hundred thousand players every day in front of the computer or console. The entry into the multiplayer mode demands a lot of frustration resistance from the players, but it can inspire especially within a committed team. However, since the violent conflict as well as the military and warlike setting are inevitable and are at the center of the game mechanics, it is suitable Counter-Strike: Global Offensive only for players aged 16 and over who can adequately reflect on these actions.