Is a human brain transplant ethical

Can a head transplant succeed?

Milestones in transplant medicine

1883: Thyroid tissue is implanted into a patient after their own thyroid has been surgically removed.

1905: First successful cornea transplant

1954: First successful kidney transplant with identical twins as donor and recipient; first transplant of a whole organ

1957: First bone marrow transplant

1958: The discovery of the human leukocyte antigens, which the immune system uses to recognize foreign tissue, helps to get the problem of rejection under control.

1967: First heart transplant; The patient succumbs to pneumonia after 18 days.

1967: First successful liver transplant

1970: Discovery of the immunosuppressive agent ciclosporin, which greatly extends the survival time of transplant patients

1983: First successful lung transplant

1998: First hand transplant

2000: First hand transplant

2005: First face transplant; a French woman disfigured by a dog attack receives a nose, chin and lips.

2008: First successful transplant of both arms

2011: First larynx and trachea transplant that allows a patient to regain her voice

2012: Most complex face transplant to date including jaw, tongue and teeth

2014: First successful penis transplant

2014: First successful uterine transplant resulting in a healthy child

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