Can you call god the father

I am a child of God

Who are you? Do you know that? You know your name and you know that you belong to a family here on earth. Your parents and siblings love you. You are special to them. You are special to Heavenly Father too. He is the father of your spirit. You lived with him in heaven before you came to earth. Everyone born on earth is a child of Heavenly Father.

You cannot remember living with Heavenly Father, but you are His child. The scriptures teach us, “You are all [children] of the Most High” (Psalm 82: 6). By “Most High” is meant Heavenly Father.

Do you have the same eye color as your mother? Do you have the same hair color as your father? Children are often very similar to their parents. The Bible says, “God created man in his image” (Genesis 1:27). To be made in his image means that you look like your Heavenly Father. It also means that you can become like him.

Prophets testify that you are a child of God and that he knows you and loves you. Every time you sing "I am a child of God" (Songbook for children, Page 2f.), You also testify that you know who you are. Heavenly Father loves you. He answers your prayers and helps you become like him. You are his child and he wants you to come back to him one day to live with him.

Box of writings

Carefully tear out page 13 and stick it on cardboard. Cut out along the solid black line. Fold the paper along the dotted lines to make a box. Tape the tabs in place. The flap at the top is only folded, not glued. Stick a photo of yourself in the empty frame or draw a picture of yourself. Read the scriptures on each side of the box.

Cut out the pieces of paper with the scriptures on it and put them in the box. Each day, choose a scripture passage and mark it in your scriptures. The scriptures remind you who you are. Use the box on family home evening.

Suggestions for togetherness

  1. 1. Show the children a picture of a baby or ask a young mother to tell them about their preparations for the birth (for example, that everyone in the family was happy, the baby clothes were adjusted, everyone knew they were going to deliver the baby) would love). Compare this to how Heavenly Father feels about us. He prepared this world for us to live in. He is happy when we grow, learn and make the right decisions. Design case studies (see Teaching, the greatest calling Pages 161f.), Which show: Because I am a child of God, I make decisions and behave accordingly. Cut out outlines of children from red, yellow, and blue paper. While the children are singing "I am a child of God," they pass the characters around. When the music stops, when you hold a red child you can give a reason how you know Heavenly Father loves you; if you have a yellow child, share one way to show your love for Heavenly Father, and if you have a blue child you can do one of the case studies. Have each child write a reason why they know they are a child of God.

  2. 2. Ask the children to stand up whenever you provide a description that applies to them. Use statements that show similarities and differences between the children, for example everyone with a nose or everyone who wears something blue. Explain that we have similar qualities as Heavenly Father because we are His children. We can grow spiritually to become like Heavenly Father. Write “Heavenly Father Is” on one side of the board and “This is how I can become” on the other side. Have the children list some of Heavenly Father's qualities (loving, kind, generous, and so on). Then ask them to name the qualities they have or would like to develop.