What is power grid planning

Network planning -
Explained by the expert

In addition to generating electricity from renewable energies, the further development of the transmission network plays an important role in the success of the energy transition. In four short films, our experts will explain why this is the case and how the planning of the German extra-high voltage network works.

Network planning | Four companies - one network planning

What does a network planner actually do? How does the cooperation between the electricity grid operators work nationally and internationally? And which actors also play a role? Dr. Stefan Fenske, network planner at 50Hertz, gives an insight into his work.

Network planning | The energy landscape of tomorrow

Our energy landscape is already changing today - mainly, but not only, as a result of the energy transition. Sören Haas, network planner at TransnetBW, explains how energy generation and consumption develop and what that means for the power grid.

Network planning | Secure power supply to everyone
Time, anywhere

What challenges will our power grid have to withstand in the future? And how are the transmission system operators preparing for it? Thomas Anderski, network planner at Amprion, explains the goals of network development and how these secure our power supply for the future.

Network planning | Network expansion for the energy transition

Lena Salm, network planner at TenneT, examines the power grid with her colleagues and subjects it to load tests. In an interview, she explains what she derives from the results and which methods are used to optimize capacity utilization.