What are the disadvantages of phenetic taximetry

Advantages and disadvantages of simple rules - literally

Transcriptions according to "simple rules - verbatim" is thatmost cost-effective Alternative, as the time required is less than for the transcription according to "extended rules". This results in another benefit. Transcriptions according to "simple rules - verbatim" can therefore be worked out more quickly and therefore is afaster delivery of the finished transcription possible.

For many of our customers, the cost advantage is not decisive. It is much more important that the finished transcriptionbetter readable is, but there is no falsification of the sentence structure. Transcriptions according to extended rules have the disadvantage that really every stutter, every “mhh”, “uh” is transcribed, making it difficult to read fluently. A transcription according to “simple rules - verbatim” is therefore an advantage for simple analysis, with the focus being on the content.

The disadvantages of simply transcribing interviews or group discussions are obvious. First of all is oneinterpretationhowsomething was said, very difficult to dobecause additional information is not available.

Furthermore, it is not possible to convert a simple transcription into a transcription according to extended rules. A transcription according to extended rules would have to be made anew. This is possible the other way around. Hence, verbatim transcription follows simple rulesless flexible.