Makes your stomach constipated


Depending on what is causing the feeling of fullness, you can either do something yourself - or with the help of a doctor.

What you can do yourself if you feel full

Diet can have a major impact on feelings of fullness. You decide to a certain extent whether it occurs or not. What to eat if you are bloated is something you must try. Perhaps you cannot tolerate certain foods? Then you should avoid them altogether.

To avoid overwhelming your digestive system with overeating meals or swallowing too much air, you should:

  • Eat several small meals instead of a few large ones
  • chew thoroughly and talk as little as possible while eating
  • eat a high-fiber diet and regularly consume fermented foods such as yogurt, kefir or sauerkraut
  • Avoid smoking, alcohol and sweeteners if possible

Naturally support digestion: If the stomach is still pressing, you can feel the fullness Home remedies to grapple. For example, caraway seeds, ginger, fennel or peppermint can aid digestion if the stomach feels full. You can use it to brew tea, for example. Bitter substances, for example from the gentian root, can also be beneficial for a feeling of fullness. Baking soda - more precisely, baking soda - can also help with heartburn, as it can bind excess stomach acid.

Get physically active: Exercise - preferably in the fresh air - can stimulate digestion and helps you to get rid of the feeling of fullness more quickly. So take a little digestive walk after eating. It can reduce the feeling of fullness and get the bowels going.

Learn to relax: If the feeling of fullness is probably due to stress, it is best to learn a relaxation technique such as yoga, autogenic training or meditation. When the mind calms down, it often has a relaxing effect on digestion.

Visit pharmacy: There are some medicines for bloating in the stomach that you can get over the counter at pharmacies. Get expert advice there.

This is what the doctor does when there is a feeling of fullness

If the feeling of fullness is an accompanying symptom of an underlying disease, the doctor will treat this disease first. Most of the time, the unpleasant feeling of fullness also disappears.