NASA hides the existence of Nibiren

Planet Nibiru on a collision course | The world goes in
Fall 2017 under?

Almost every year our world is supposed to end at some point. Prophecies come from mystics, ufologists or "prophets". Of course, the end threatens us this year as well.

The thesis comes from author David Meade. The researcher studied astronomy at the University of Louisville (USA) and wrote a book about the supposed end of the world: "Planet X - The 2017 Arrival".

► The legendary planet Nibiru is set to get closer and closer to the earth in the course of this year and, according to the British newspaper “Daily Mail”, will strike devastatingly in October at the latest.

Does the planet Nibiru exist?

Nasa rejects all rumors about planet X. Conspiracy theorists, on the other hand, have been convinced of its existence for years. Since 2003 it has been reported again and again that Nibiru is a danger to our earth.

The alleged planet is said to move at the very edge of our solar system and cross the orbits of all other planets. This year, however, he will get off course.

According to Meade, we cannot see the planet because it moves outside of the typical orbits of the other planets and traverses their orbits. Meade wrote on the Planet X News website: "It's hard to see, but it's best from South America."

Preparations for the end of the world

Many readers of the book have doubts about Meade's theories. They point out that his alleged facts mix very quickly with religious statements and biblical quotes and that one often cannot see where science ends and belief begins.

Nevertheless, people should already prepare for the end of the world.

The entrepreneur Robert Vicino, for example, is of the opinion that underground bunkers are already being built in many countries - especially in Russia - to protect themselves from the threat from space.

Vicino makes his living, according to his website, with underground luxury bunkers. Well so what …