Who examines the state governments

ÖVP-Schwarz: Who is examining the legal responsibility of the SPÖ state government in the banking scandal?

Doskozil should not shirk responsibility

Vienna (OTS) - “In the Burgenland banking scandal, the question of who is examining the legal responsibility of the SPÖ state government is becoming more and more important. After all, it is the province of Burgenland that oversees the credit union, which is the main shareholder in Commerzialbank Mattersburg. It cannot be that Governor Doskozil completely evades his responsibility as Governor in this scandal and tries to shift his responsibility as far away as possible by means of violent criticism of the judiciary. Not to be neglected is the fact that Hans-Peter Doskozil, of all things, held the office of the State Finance Council before his election as governor ”, says Gaby Schwarz, deputy. General Secretary of the new People's Party, referring to the constant diversionary maneuvers of Governor Doskozil in the case of Commerzialbank.

A previously neglected aspect of the banking scandal also needs to be clarified, according to Schwarz: "It is highly questionable how Commerzialbank boss Pucher even got his necessary license." she uses this as proof of the governor's questionable political style: “To shoot yourself so hard at the judiciary is unworthy for a governor and only serves as a distraction. At the same time, it is extremely worrying that the SPÖ party leader, Rendi-Wagner, does not distance himself from this bad style and that LH Doskozil continues to work in this way that is to be rejected. Party colleague Kai Jan Krainer would also be entitled to speak out clearly, after all, in the Ibiza-U-Committee he is constantly in the foreground as a self-appointed guardian of the judiciary. "

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