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MPU: Is proof of abstinence compulsory?

In a nutshell: proof of abstinence

What is proof of abstinence used for?

A proof of abstinence should clarify whether or that the person concerned has not consumed alcohol or drugs during a certain period of time.

How can the evidence be provided?

Evidence of abstinence can be provided, for example, by a urine sample or a hair analysis. Read more about it here.

Evidence of abstinence: How alcohol and drugs are detected

There are essentially three reasonswhy a driver to medical-psychological examination (MPU) got to. Either became too frequent against traffic law violate and the driver's licenseat eight points withdrawn, it came to one Alcohol or drug ride or the fitness to drive must due to physical or mental deficiencies to be established.

If an MPU is ordered, those affected are often unsettled and do not really know what to expect. It is well known that there is one medical as well as a psychological part in the investigation there. But that is also notorious high failure rate at the MPU. This is included about 50 percent. It is not uncommon for the MPU report to have to be repeated.

It is also often unclear whether a Proof of abstinence from the MPU is compulsory is. The following guide gets to the bottom of this question and clarifies when those affected have to submit proof of abstinence to the MPU, what methods be used for proof of abstinence and with what cost must be expected.

Further reasons for proof of abstinence

Proof of abstinence from alcohol or drugs may not only be necessary at the MPU. Employers can also, for example as part of a warning procedure request proof. Especially when it comes to Problems with alcohol or other substances has come.

In order to clarify the question of whether someone has consumed alcohol or drugs, come as a rule two procedures for use. This is the proof of abstinence by Urine sample or hair analysis. In both processes, it will look for degradation products such asEthyl glucuronide (EtG) wanted that give an indication of consumption. Remains that Test without abnormalities, abstinence, i.e. non-consumption, is considered proven.

Evidence of abstinence from alcohol / drugs using urine

If drivers have to go to the MPU because of alcohol, proof of abstinence is required often inevitable. Especially when a Addiction problem is suspected and the driving license authority would like this matter to be clarified in the MPU. At Violations of the Narcotics Act it is usually not possible without it Drug screening.

One way to find out if alcohol or drugs has been consumed is to do so Urine test. It has proven itself as proof of alcohol abstinence and provides reliable results even with drugs.

In order to prove abstinence by means of urine samples, those affected must within a specified period of time several times and at short notice appear to pass urine. This will then laboratory examined. If no corresponding metabolic products, e.g. B. with alcohol Ethyl glucuronide (EtG), found, which indicate consumption, the Abstinence as confirmed.

Evidence of abstinence via urine: How long and how often should those affected be examined?

The number of urine samples to be given is decisive for what period the abstinence should be proven. As a rule, the MPU will be a half a year or a full year demands. However, this depends on the individual case.

  • Half a year of abstinence: Four urine tests, appointments will be made at short notice
  • Full year abstinence: Six urine tests, also with short-term appointments

The dates are therefore short term agreed to keep those affected do not cheat" or. get ready can. The proof of abstinence serves to prove that no consumption in the long term has taken place.

Hair analysis: This proof of abstinence is particularly suitable for drugs

If a successful MPU requires abstinence from alcohol or non-use of drugs, proof of this can be provided also by hair analysis respectively. The prerequisite for this is that the hair long enough and not treated have not been colored, tinted or bleached.

Proof of abstinence from alcohol by hair analysis

  • Investigation on EtG
  • Hair sample: three centimeters long hair segments close to the head
  • For the proof of one year, four hair analyzes must be carried out.

Proof of abstinence from drugs by hair analysis

  • Hair sample: six centimeters long hair segments close to the head
  • Two hair analyzes must be carried out for proof of one year.

Where can those affected get proof of abstinence?

As a rule, at Assessment bodies for fitness to drive like the TÜV Nord a proof of abstinence can be carried out. But also a Qualified doctor is entitled to do so.

Authorized persons for sampling:

  • Doctor at a fitness assessment center
  • Coroner
  • Traffic medicine doctor
  • Occupational or company physicians
  • Health department doctor
  • Public Service Doctor
  • Doctor / toxicologist in a forensically accredited laboratory

What are the costs for proof of abstinence?

For proof of abstinence, the Costs borne by the person concerned become. A takeover by z. B. the health insurance is usually not possible. The prices for the proof of abstinence may vary depending on the doctor or institution vary greatly, which is why a comparison of the providers is highly recommended. For each examination, however, those affected must be included around 150 to 220 euros calculate.

With proof of abstinence from alcohol they are Hair analysis cost so higher than with drugs, because here twice as many samples are necessary. The total costs are therefore included at least 600 euros.

Can you pass the MPU without proof of abstinence?

In order to regain possession of the driver's license, those affected must contact the MPU answers questions from a traffic doctor and a traffic psychologist put. But does every MPU participant have to provide proof of abstinence?

No. It is not always necessary that abstinence be proven. The decisive factor is whether a heavier oneAlcohol or drug problems underlying. A successful MPU can even without proof of abstinence, even with alcohol, succeed.

For example, is it a one-time violation, it is usually sufficient if you can prove in the interview that you "drink controlled". That means you rarely and only on special occasions Consume alcohol. At a MPU for drugs however, proof of abstinence cannot be avoided.

Questions about proof of abstinence can often be asked of a MPU advice be asked. There it can often be clarified whether controlled drinking is enough or whether abstinence actually has to be proven.

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MPU: Is proof of abstinence compulsory?
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