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Dr. Heike Fleddermann

The most successful braces in the cinema!

Since June 20th you can complete a semester at the "Monster Uni". To do this, however, you have to go to the cinema. The film took first place in the cinema charts right from the start. That arouses curiosity about the history of "Monster AG", which ran successfully in 2001 in the cinema. Anyone who already knows the monsters Mike and Sulley will be surprised. To make Mike look younger, he is now wearing braces.

The story is simple because it is a film for children. Two monsters get to know each other at the university, both have the same goal: to be really good frighteners. The big, blue cuddly Sulley doesn't want to do too much for it and prefers to have fun, while the small, one-eyed Mike ambitiously strives for his goal. It's fast-paced and extremely fun, so that even as an adult you can spend an entertaining two hours in the cinema. The animated film also shot straight to the top of the charts in the USA and caused a sensation in the cinemas on the first weekend.

The main characters are particularly funny, from whom we learned more than 10 years after "Monster AG" that they didn't like each other from the start. Since it is not a sequel, but a so-called "prequel", the already known characters had to be significantly rejuvenated. So we see how the little monster now wears braces with only one eye, which he can even remove at any time.

Also in orthodontics Dr. Heike Fleddermann in Neuss, by the way, we offer transparent splint therapy. Tooth misalignments are corrected almost invisibly and the brackets can be removed at any time. Children in particular are more likely to wear braces today than in the past. There are many different reasons for this. The parents attach great importance to healthy and straight teeth. The harmful consequences of misaligned teeth and jaws are better known today than in the past. Acceptance is higher today because people of the same age often also wear braces.

To show a "young monster" with braces in such a successful film as a matter of course certainly makes it easier for many children to deal with the subject. Why not watch this funny film with your children. You will see, it is not only a pleasure for children! And if you have any questions about any kind of misaligned teeth or need any other information, please make an appointment in our practice. We advise you individually and find the right solution together with you.

You can find a trailer for the film here: Monster Uni

Photo: © Disney