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Precicast SA: world leader in investment casting

Originally a traditional foundry, Precicast has developed into a highly specialized investment foundry in the medical field for prostheses. Precicast works with superalloys, metallic materials of complex composition (nickel or cobalt base) and produces parts for industrial gas turbines or aircraft turbines, such as the Rolls Royce turbines used in the Airbus (A320, A321, A350) or in the Boeing (737, 787 ) can be used. In addition, other products are manufactured such as helicopter turbines, flaps, turbo chargers for diesel engines and parts for Formula 1 cars as well as the volcano engine for the Ariane rocket.

Complex processes

Investment casting is a complex process that begins with a project that emerges from a customer need. First, an aluminum model is prepared. Then, using the lost wax technique, a wax mold is made. This shape is then destroyed in the course of the process (lost shape method). In a further step, the wax mold is coated with ceramic. The wax mold is then melted so that the molten metal can be poured into the mold. The metal solidifies in the ceramic form. The mold is then smashed to reveal the raw casting. From this moment the refinement of the form begins. The process is very time consuming and causes different amounts of production waste, depending on the project. Controlling in all phases is therefore very important in order to continuously improve the production parameters.

Quality controls

In addition to many quality standards, production in the aerospace environment needs certification from Nadcap (National Aerospace and Defense Contractors Accreditation Program). Audits are carried out regularly to ensure quality. The internal controls are also carried out diligently: an entire department ensures quality. Visual inspection, digital telemetry, X-rays, dye penetrant testing are some of the methods that are used. The traceability of the process is of course ensured. Every employee, every production and every material is recorded.

Future-oriented and innovative

Precicast Additive SA was founded on November 4, 2016, another innovative development that Precicast is particularly proud of. The company is active in the field of 3D metal printing. This technology is very innovative and promises a lot of potential because production efficiency can be optimized, especially for complex geometric shapes and rapid prototyping.