Why don't people add me on Facebook

How to prevent strangers from adding you on Facebook


Why are so many people adding me on Facebook?

The first thing you need to know is the reason behind this massive friendship party. You and your Facebook friends have probably received it Friendship invitation from one or more users on the network, a number of completely unknown people who are usually in remote locations far from your own country.

you are Bots. Or fail, people with bad intentions. What they do is explore your network of contacts and add in massive ways to each person you have as a friend. If you have your friends list public for everyone to see, the bot will add all of your contacts as friends, and if you have them private they will likely find you through a public list of someone who has you as a friend .

The intentions of these new friends are obviously obscure as they look date Theft, account theft and all kinds of intimidation from the networks. The general recommendation is to ignore and eliminate all types of inquiries from people who appear suspicious and who are not ringing a bell. However, when requests come in in bulk, there is a way to contain them.

How to avoid friend requests

The key is to protect our account with security measures that suit your needs. All of this can be configured in the configuration menu and in Facebook's tools. So we're going to explain how to do this so that you can complete the process.

  • The first thing you have to do is that Configuration field and access to the privacy section .
  • In this section you will find various options for your activity. However, you can also adjust the privacy level if someone can find you and contact you.

  • In the question "Who can send you friend requests?" Choose Friends of Friends to reduce the number of people you can add. This way, you can only send requests to people who are in your own circle of friends.

Among the other options we find some as interesting as who can see your friends list, who can search for you with your email address or phone number and probably the most important, if you allow your Facebook account to search by your name appears in search engine results.

What problem can we run into when limiting friend requests?

The problem we might run into is obvious because someone who is really trying to contact us and doesn't know any of our friends cannot add us as a friend at any point if they restrict themselves to such limited circles.

In any case, you need to be very clear about the extent to which Facebook is an important contact channel in your life. And if someone needs to contact you to offer you a job, it's normal for them to use it LinkedIn, and if someone has something very important to say, that person is likely to be around and have other means of informing you about it. Remember, you have to use social networks with your head.