How can the product operation get traffic quickly

Author: Analysys Digital Marketing Manager Zhao Yan

Data analysis tools are essential for product operation and marketing. Different data analysis tools have completely different effects. In the early stages of business development or in entrepreneurial teams, this problem is common, namely product operation or market. Which data analysis tools should marketing choose early on?

There are currently several types of data analysis tools on the market. These are free traffic analysis tools represented by Baidu Statistics and refined products for analyzing product operational data such as Analysys Ark.

Baidu Statistics currently offers features such as traffic analysis, source analysis, and basic user analysis. The dimensions that can be analyzed are based on traffic. You can understand the number of visitors, the number of pages viewed, the geographic distribution of visitors, the age distribution, upstream and downstream traffic, preliminary information, advertising tracking features, etc.

In the early stages of business, when the data has accumulated to a certain extent, it is necessary to examine more detailed dimensions of analysis such as behavior analysis, group segmentation, etc. Hence, it is recommended to use the Analysys ark for data analysis in the early stage of the business. There is also a free version: Analysys' Ark Argo.

What are the Unique Benefits of Analysys Ark?

1. Event analysis tool

Analysys' Arche can analyze user behavioral events such as: B. how many times the button is clicked, how often the cart is added, and it is easy to see who the people are who clicked the cart and added it. By drilling down on their behavior, you can know why these people are. When you abandon the submission and payment of the shopping cart, all user behavior is clearly visible.

2. Tools for analyzing user behavior

Collect user tags, improve user profiles, understand what company the user is from, what position they hold, as well as the user's phone number, email address and other important information. Combine user behavior to obtain complete user information that is excellent support for product operation. .

3. Drill down on user behavior

If you find that one of your conversion funnels has lost a lot of time, all you have to do is click who lost and you can see what those people have been doing on your product lately. We often find that the user can click multiple times in a row to get the verification code. Maybe your SMS service provider has some problem, or you can see what cellphone and browser this user is using, and especially to check the compatibility of that cellphone, solve the big loss problem.

In addition to basic visitor-level functions such as Baidu statistics, Analysys Ark can also perform event analysis through buried points and user groupings based on user attributes, targeted precision marketing, and fundamentally support product operation or marketing growth.