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Learning Biology - Tips and Learning Methods

We continue in our “… learn” series with biology: It is a fascinating subject that is also a headache for many learners. If you feel the same way, then you should read on and find out how you can improve your exam scores. If this is your first time on our blog and have not read the previous articles in this series, then you should definitely check out Learn History, Learn Physics, and Learn French Online.

Biology teaches us how nature and our body work. A good starting point is the admiration of the perfection of nature and the origin of life. With this attitude are you ready to implement the following 5 learning methods.

Tips for learning biology

# 1: learn technical terms

One of the most difficult parts of learning biology are the many different and sometimes complicated technical terms. Coelenterates, eukaryotes, aneuploidy and so on. In order to understand all the concepts, we must first become familiar with the terms. A good approach to this is to use the Identify stem of more complex words.

It is also recommended that you research the meaning of the technical terms and write downwhenever you come across an unfamiliar word. For example, index cards, which you also have, are well suited for this sort by topic and just before the exam to repeat can.

# 2: from general to specific

If you want to learn biology effectively, you have to first understand general concepts before delving deeper into the subject. For example, you need to understand the characteristics of a mammal before you can say exactly what a primate is.

Mind maps are ideal for successfully memorizing the differences and relationships. Information can be structured and illustrated with it.

# 3: visit the lab

Put What You Learn into Action! Pay a visit to a lab every now and then experiment and be curious. The theory you have learned is more likely to solidify and you will remember it more easily. Words are easy to forget, but experiences are more likely to be remembered.

# 4: use sketches

We wrote about this point in our “Learning Physics” article, but the same is true of biology. Sketches and drawings can create clarity and Clarify concepts that are difficult to express in words. Get used to integrating sketches into your documents while learning biology.

# 5: go through old exams

Ask classmates, fellow students, teachers or lecturers about old exams. Biology exams can look very different and it is therefore important to know what exactly is required of you and what to expect. Do you have to write a multiple-choice test, answer open questions or put your skills to the test in the laboratory? Don't leave anything to chance. Practice, practice, and practice again.

If you follow this advice in studying biology, and approach the study with a positive attitude and a dose of curiosity, you should have no trouble taking future exams. How about you? Do you have any other tips that we should include?

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