What does it mean to be an Airbnb superhost

The Airbnb community has always depended on excellent hosts opening their homes to guests from all over the world. To recognize those Airbnb hosts who strive to provide exceptional hospitality to guests every day, we're updating our Superhost program.

The beginnings of superhosts

We launched the Superhost Program in 2009 to recognize the early hosts who helped set high standards for hosting on Airbnb. The Airbnb community has grown significantly since then, but it's just as important today as it was in 2009 that we recognize the best hosts in our community. With the updates to our Superhost program, we're renewing our efforts to recognize the hosts who are consistently helping guests feel at home anywhere.

How superhosts are

Great hosting has many faces. When we talk to guests, it's the small differences and nuances from host to host that ensure that great hospitality stands out and makes travel experiences unforgettable. The Superhost program incorporates this diversity and focuses on the core elements of hospitality that all great hosts have in common: communication, dedication, satisfied guests and Experience.

Guests experience the hospitality of Airbnb hosts every day, so the community through their reviews on Airbnb helps decide who to superhost. To achieve superhost status, a host must excel in the following points (measured over the course of the past year):

  • Communication: A response rate of at least 90%
  • Dedication: No cancellations (with the exception of extenuating circumstances)
  • Satisfied guests: At least 80% of the reviews have five stars
  • Experience: Allows at least ten stays in one accommodation

And what do hosts get for being superhosts (other than pride in making it)?

  • A Superhost badge on the host's listing and profile
  • Airbnb travel coupons (after a full year of Superhost status)
  • Airbnb product preview
  • Special service from Airbnb (starting November 1st, 2014)

All hosts can track their progress on key qualifications in their host dashboard, so each host knows exactly where they are at the moment. With the Superhost program, we don't just want to recognize community hosts, we want to show that every host can be among the best — and we want each host to be the best in their own way.

Learn more about the Superhost program

Take a look at your host dashboard to see how you are doing as a host

Written by AirbnbSeptember 17, 2014