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iPhone 12 (mini, Pro, Pro Max): Headphones - What is included in the scope of delivery?

With the iPhone 12, Apple is breaking new ground in many ways. A lot has also changed in the scope of delivery. We clarify what the iPhone 12 is about headphones in the device box and whether there are any differences between the other iPhone 12 mini and iPhone 12 Pro or Pro Max models.

With the iPhone 12, Apple is returning to a well-known retro design and is again adjusting the sizes of the smartphones a bit. But the manufacturer also changes a few things in terms of scope of delivery and is the first company in the industry to break new ground.

iPhone 12 (mini, Pro, Pro Max): headphones not included

iPhone 12/12 mini: Headphones not included

iPhone 12 Pro / 12 Pro Max: Headphones not included

To the horror of the fans - and especially the first-time buyer - Apple no longer includes headphones with all versions of the iPhone 12. In the packs of the previous year's models, the iPhone 11 generation, customers still found the usual insert with a pair of EarPods in the Lightning port variant in the scope of delivery. From the iPhone 12 everything changes. Apple has a reason for reducing the sometimes essential supplements: They want to help improve the environment and not unnecessarily produce, transport and store accessories that the majority of users no longer need. The company from Cupertino even goes one step further and has even cut the charger out of the scope. Only a USB-C to Lightning cable is now in the box with the new devices. This change will also be implemented retrospectively for models that are officially still in production, such as the iPhone SE.

iPhone 12 - headphones: exception France

If you happen to live in France or buy an iPhone there, you will surprisingly get a pair of wired Apple headphones as usual for free. This makes the European neighbor an absolute exception among the countries supplied with new iPhones.

The reason for this is a law that is intended to protect children in particular from the long-term effects of cell phone radiation that have not yet been adequately researched when making calls. The radiation from smartphones, specified in SAR values, has different effects on people depending on their position on the body. With the headset that is also included, children should have a safe way to make calls, as the cell phone is not at head height. Disregard of this law leads to high fines for the manufacturers, which is why Apple is forced to provide the headphones. In Germany, wired EarPods are available separately for currently around 19 euros.

Source: Macwelt