What is swarm intelligence

Swarm intelligence

Swarm intelligence, also called collective intelligence or Group intelligence is an emergent phenomenon in which communication and specific actions by individuals can evoke intelligent behaviors in social communities. Systems-theoretical, sociological and philosophical, but also pseudoscientific approaches exist to explain this phenomenon. According to experts, swarm intelligence has become an important part of the Knowledge society become, whereby in the crowd the intelligence of the individual can definitely decrease, because in the crowd the individual loses the important ability to put himself in other people's shoes and to be able to take their perspective. This leads to a reduction in intelligence due to the lack of organization. See Crush stupidity.

But swarm intelligence does not mean with Herd behavior to be confused, because it is a form of organization that helps an association of living beings to get through life better. In a school of fish, for example, the strongest animals with the greatest willingness to take risks always swim outside, the mother animals with the young in the core. If danger threatens, the entire swarm reacts to information from the animals swimming outside. That ensures survival. In addition, there is great flexibility with which such a swarm reacts to changes. Transferred to the Internet, swarm intelligence means, for example, that actively committed people are given feedback on their own interests. From the information gathered in this way, useful conclusions can be drawn for everyone. Swarm intelligence is a statistical value from which emancipated consumer behavior grows on the Internet. One example is traffic jam reports, which are now made via cell phone location. The data is evaluated, from which conclusions can be drawn, and in the end it helps drivers to avoid traffic jams or at least to adapt to them. The intelligence service Twitter Incidentally, it is considered a prime example of successful swarm intelligence, because exciting news spreads very quickly, while boring news disappears after just a few tweets.

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