How much harm does MDMA cause

Risks and Consequences of MDMA and Ecstasy Use


With regular users, discontinuing MDMA / Ecstasy can be psychological Withdrawal symptoms such as mood swings, depressed moods and a strong desire for the drug. Frequent consumption of MDMA and its analogues can lead to a Tolerance development which can lead to an increase in dose and an increased frequency of use. A reversal of the effects is also frequently reported: after frequent consumption, the positive, desired effect diminishes, while the negative effect increases.

Due to the mostly selective opportunities for consumption, it is difficult to define a limit to dependence. When making a diagnosis, specialists base their diagnosis on criteria set out in the diagnostic and statistical guidelines for mental disorders (DSM 5). Compared to other illicit substances such as heroin or cocaine, the proportion of people seeking treatment for a major problem with the use of MDMA / ecstasy and related substances is relatively low overall.

MDMA / Ecstasy and Pregnancy

As with all other addictive substances, it will not advised to consume MDMA / Ecstasy during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Because this can have serious, possibly even fatal consequences for the unborn child. The following risks exist for the unborn child:

  • Damage to the nervous system
  • Development of heart defects, vascular constrictions, malformations of the urinary and genital organs
  • Developmental and growth disorders, e.g. small head circumference of the child (microcephaly)
  • Newborns are often jumpy and have a disturbed day-night rhythm
  • Hyperactivity and psychosocial development disorders can occur

MDMA / Ecstasy in road traffic

With the consumption of MDMA / Ecstasy, the willingness to take risks, confusion and disinhibition increase and performance decreases. As the effects wear off, tiredness, exhaustion and concentration problems occur. That's why it's of it to advise against taking part in road traffic after consuming MDMA / Ecstasyeven if it was a few hours ago. If several substances are taken, the risk potential increases and the effect is unpredictable.