Buy used clothing

Buying used clothing is sustainable, protects the environment and is cheaper than buying new things. Therefore, today we would like to introduce you to a few websites, platforms and apps with which you can buy and sell used clothing.

1. Clothes circle

Kleiderkreisel is one of the most popular sites in Germany for buying or selling used clothing. You have to create an account there with your email address and you can easily shop or sell or give away your own clothes. You can also see where the clothes come from. With this you can perhaps also shop regionally in your city and avoid shipping costs.

There is also an app for clothing circles that you can use on your smartphone.

2. Mamikreisel

Mamikreisel works exactly like clothing circles. This platform is specially designed for children's clothing and toys, but also clothing for pregnancy.

3. Girls' flea market

Mädchenflohmarkt is an online second-hand marketplace. The website looks similar to other online shops, only used goods are offered here.

There you can offer your used clothes or buy clothes from other people yourself. You also have to create an account and you can get started right away. You can even search for specific brands or specific designs and categories on this website.

4. Ebay classifieds

You can also sell your clothes on Ebay classifieds. However, this page is not specifically geared towards clothing. You can find everything here. It is interesting that you can also search and see in your region what the people in your area are offering. This way you can avoid shipping costs.

5. Shpock - App

A very well-known app for selling or buying used items is the Shpock app. You can download it to your smartphone in the App Store or Google Play.

You can also buy or sell clothes here. But there are also many other things that are being sold. Take a look around the categories. There is sure to be something for you.

6. Secondhand shops in your city

There are sure to be second-hand shops in your region. You can go there and take your clothes with you. Then the sellers suggest a price. Here you should make sure that the clothes are not dirty or broken. Of course, second-hand stores only want to offer clothes in the store that people still like to buy.

7. Organize a flea market stand yourself

This year it might be difficult to attend a flea market. Many of these markets have been canceled due to Corona.

Usually, however, you can register for a flea market or flea market and prepare your own sales booth. There you pay a fee, depending on how much space you need. Then people will come by your booth and look at your things to see if they want to buy something. If you have to go to a flea market yourself, you can see when and where they are taking place here.

In the near future, for example, there will be small court flea markets in Friesenheim and Rheingönheim.