Can Cem Uzan travel to Turkey

politics : Broadcasting break for the Berlusconi of Turkey

He is filthy rich, he controls newspapers and television stations, and he is striving for power with a right-wing populist party: Critics call the entrepreneur Cem Uzan the “Turkish Berlusconi” because, like the Italian prime minister, he mixes business and political ambitions. The government in Ankara regards Uzan's “Genc Parti” (Young Party) as a direct competitor - and has now stolen two companies and a bank from the rival in a short time. On Friday, she also threatened to dispossess the Uzan family. Five TV channels in Uzan were banned from broadcasting for one month, and criminal proceedings are pending against the entrepreneur. Should the political competition be sidelined here?

The government rejects this. The fact that the two Uzan companies Cukurova and Kepez were placed under state administration a few weeks ago has nothing to do with party politics, she says. Now the Uzans have also lost one of their banks, the "Imar Bankasi": The - legally independent - Turkish banking supervisory authority took control there on Friday and declared that the Uzan Bank was in acute financial difficulties. Politics played no role in this either, the government said. Uzan sees it very differently. The opponents of the Genc Parti were uncomfortable with Uzan's growing popularity, the party railed.

The Genc Parti missed the election in November with 7.25 percent in parliament, which is only possible from ten percent. Nevertheless, Prime Minister Erdogan is said to have internally described the Uzan party as the most dangerous competitor of his AKP. Like the AKP, the 42-year-old Uzan targets the right-wing conservative and religious segment of the electorate in Turkey. He railed against the International Monetary Fund and asked for more money for the farmers. And he knows where to meet the pious Muslim Erdogan. A few days after the first intervention against his company, Uzan attacked the head of government at a party event in Bursa as a “godless guy”: “What kind of Muslim are you? You have become an unbeliever! ”Erdogan immediately reported Uzan. In addition, the broadcasting supervisory authority has now banned five Uzan television stations from broadcasting for one month because they had repeatedly served their boss's bursa speech to their viewers.

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