Why are you smiling right now

Translation of "you're smiling" in German

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you're smiling
You are lying, because you're smiling.
I'm never wondering why you're smiling.
I'm saying no, and you're smiling.
Mrs. Raymond, you're smiling.
But because you know what he'll do you're smiling inside.
But since you know what he's up to do you smile into you.
You put on that cold look ... but inside you're smiling.
You may look angry, but inside do you smile.
The way you're smiling, I can tell it's not bad news.
Look at you, you're smiling.
Xiao-san, you're smiling again!
I want to know if you're smiling or frowning.
I want to know if They smile or frown.
I can't stand the way you're smiling
If you still squeeze out a smile which other people tend to notice, press your lips together so it doesn't look like you're smiling.
If you still lose a smile, which others usually notice, press your lips together so it doesn't look like they do you're smiling.
Mind telling me what you're smiling about?
And you're smiling at me right now, so I know that you want something.
And They smile me right now so i know you want something from me.
Well, you're smiling, so I take it that means this isn't serious.
There They smile, I suppose it's not serious?
When it comes to surfing, as long as you're smiling you're doing it right.
As long as They smile, do everything right when you surf.
You're smiling, and I don't believe you.
You're smiling with your mouth but not your eyes.
You're smiling, and you have your arms around him.
You're smiling because of Robin.
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