How do food apps work

With the Foodguide app you should find the best food everywhere

By Madlen Schäfer | October 31, 2017, 11:01 pm

Which restaurant should I go to? If you ask yourself that often, the Foodguide app may have the answer. Based on the Tinder principle, the app aims to find the perfect restaurant nearby with the help of photos of dishes.

The saying “love goes through the stomach” seems to be true, at least in the case of Malte Steiert. When the then student spent a semester abroad in Thailand, he immediately fell in love with Thai food. Back in Germany, the disillusionment came. “You don't eat here because of the ingredients, but rather because you want to be full,” the 24-year-old tells TECHBOOK. His love never let go of him: Whenever he was looking for a suitable restaurant, the Google search and other review portals would have disappointed him.

It was probably the hour of birth of an idea that ultimately drove him and his partner Finn Fahrenkrug into the lion's den. What started with several curated food accounts on Instagram finally became its own app in September 2015. "We are Europe's largest foodie for foodie platform," explains Malte Steiert.

Tinder for food: this is how the app works

Users of the Foodguide app take photos of their food in the restaurant and upload it to the app. However, the food or restaurant are not rated. It is only about using the pictures to give an impression of the food served in the respective restaurant.

First, images of food from nearby restaurants are shown to the user of the app.

The user can then tinder the food: he can swipe the photos that he likes to the right.

In the end, the user only has to choose a restaurant of his or her taste in the area from his / her favorites list.

Around half a million people now use the food app in around 200 European cities. But that's not enough for the founders, they want to achieve more. They hope for 450,000 euros from a lion in return for 15 percent of their company. “It was an exciting experience to see the many cameras. You don't usually see them in front of the television. But of course they made us a little nervous, ”reports Steiert. The Foodguide app is available for iOS and Android.

That's how the deal turned out

For their pitch, they unceremoniously sent the lioness Judith Williams on a city trip to Paris. In order to find a good restaurant in the city of love, she went on a speed-dating with Foodguide with dishes from the area. “Well, I think you are tackling a great topic. I think the performance is great. Incredible demeanor, very self-confident, an answer to everything - so you can be sent off, ”said Ralf Dümmel after the pitch - and then got out. When Malte Steiert reports on a planned four-week trip to the USA, Frank Thelen counters: "But your turnover is Mickey Mouse."

But a lion in particular seemed to like the idea: Carsten Maschmeyer accepted the offer. The two founders had speculated on this beforehand. “We aimed it at Maschmeyer. We knew that he could help us the most and, above all, that he could build up our network in the USA, ”says Managing Director Malte Steiert. Not only does he have sufficient capital, he also offers the company the prospects it needs.

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Maschmeyer participates in Foodguide

For 450,000 euros, however, Maschmeyer wanted 16.6 percent more (a total of 31.6 percent). Then there was a novelty in the lion's den. The two founders allowed themselves a glass of red wine to consider this offer. Ultimately, however, they accepted. “Now I have four sons. I had two, now I have four, ”sums up Maschmeyer.

"He's a cool and empathetic guy who gives us all the freedom," said Steiert six months after the deal.

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