A blind person thinks differently


How do blind people dream?

Blind people also dream.
If they are born blind, they dream without pictures.
Egon describes it this way:
“I cannot see in my dreams. I don't see pictures, nor colors, nor things or people. In my dreams, when the dreams are calm and not too mixed up, the scenes play out almost as they do in my real life. I can touch things and people, I can hear the voices of the people I'm dreaming of right now and I can talk to them. I just can't see them. "
From the website: http://www.anderssehen.at/alltag/berichte/traum2.shtml

Colors do not appear in the dreams of the blind either. The blind dream of what they can experience with their other senses in everyday life, hear, touch, taste.

People who only become blind later mostly dream in pictures, even if they were blind a long time ago.
But it can also be that over time the colors no longer appear in the dreams, the images are then black and white and can eventually disappear completely.

Scientists have found in experiments that some blind people can draw people or objects from their dreams, albeit not as well. The brain 'creates' its own image from the other sensory impressions.
Some even 'see' color impressions. But blind people cannot explain or describe these color impressions in more detail, they are very individual and probably have nothing to do with the colors we mean.