Ayurveda can cure chronic kidney disease

  1. If you are taking medication, talk to your doctor about whether you can discontinue some or - if there are side effects - replace them with more tolerable variants. In addition, ask whether your medication can be reconciled with the planned holistic measures. If you already suffer from kidney disease, also discuss all holistic measures with your doctor. It would be useful if it were a holistic doctor.
  2. Then prepare the amount of water you want to drink throughout the day in one or two bottles each morning. Only drink water, unsweetened herbal teas, and occasionally diluted vegetable juices.
  3. In addition, prepare a thermos with a kidney tea.
  4. If you do not want to carry out a comprehensive colon cleanse, you can integrate the structure of the intestinal flora, i.e. the sole intake of a probiotic (Combi Flora), into the kidney cleanse. Take the probiotic two times a day - for breakfast and dinner.
  5. Change your diet to a plant-based diet with excess alkaline and take into account all of the above-mentioned aspects, i.e. no alcohol, no sugar, less salt and integrate the special foods for the kidneys into your menu as often as possible.
  6. Take a magnesium supplement. If you are already taking the Sango marine coral, take its magnesium content into account when calculating your magnesium requirement. Magnesium citrate, magnesium orotate or chelated magnesium are possible.
  7. Check your vitamin D level and take an appropriate supplement if necessary.
  8. If you have kidney stones, take a Chanca Piedra preparation or drink Chanca Piedra tea - in consultation with your kidney specialist, of course.
  9. After two to three weeks of the above program you can - depending on your condition and also in consultation with your doctor - join a deacidification program. Keep points 1 to 8 unchanged. If your chosen deacidification program contains calcium or magnesium preparations, take this into account and reduce the dose from point 6 accordingly.

We wish you and your kidneys all the best!

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