What is the order of the Annabelle films

Conjuring: All films in the correct order

The start of Annabelle 3 marks the seventh part of the Conjuring film series. On the one hand, the horror strips tell their own story. On the other hand, together they form a larger overall picture. Classifying the films chronologically is not that easy at all. We present you the chronological order of all conjuring films!

With The Conjuring, horror director James Wan hit the bull's eye in 2013. Many fans saw the film as the new standard for the horror genre. So it was no wonder when supplies quickly followed. In the meantime we have seen numerous adventures around the Warrens. Unfortunately, these are not chronological and regularly cause confusion among fans.

First, we will introduce you to the Conjuring films after their release: Conjuring - The Visitation (2013), Annabelle (2014), Conjuring 2 (2016), Annabelle 2 (2017), The Nun (2018), Lloronas Fluch (2019), Annabelle 3 (2019), The Conjuring 3 (to be released in 2021).

Here is the list of films in chronological order: Annabelle 2 (1943 - Prolog), The Nun (1952), Annabelle 2 (1955), Annabelle (1967), Conjuring / Annabelle 3 (1968 - Prolog), Conjuring (1971), Annabelle 3 (1971/72), Lloronas Fluch (1973), Conjuring 2 (1976 and 1977).

Judging by its release, Annabelle 3 is the newest part so far. The film takes us back to 1968, when we meet Ed and Lorraine Warren again. The two take over the horror doll Annabelle from some students and lock her away. To do this, they use a special blessed glass box to protect the outside world from them.

Little Judy Warren is finally haunted by Annabelle in 1971/72. While her parents are away, Judy must stand up to her and other demonic artifacts. You can see the film in the cinema since July 4th. Under this text you can find the trailer for Annabelle 3 in our video player. Just click into it to get a foretaste of the scary fun.