Why do people hate women

IncelsHow the hate on Women arises

The word "incel" is made up of "involuntary" and "celibates", which means "involuntarily celibate people".

This describes an online movement among young men who are unsuccessful with women, and accordingly no sex. They see this as an offense and talk about it on message boards like 4chan or incels.co.

Some Incels become radicalized and become violent, there have been corresponding attacks. Basically, they take the position that as men you have a right to sex with women.

"In terms of content, Incel forums are about rape fantasies, misogyny, self-pity, conspiracy-based victim thinking and group-related misanthropy."
Veronika Kracher, journalist

Veronika Kracher talks about her research in incel forums. In addition, she has analyzed the manifesto of an incel assassin in detail. In the conversation, she also goes into the social structures that provide a breeding ground for such a misogynist ideology.

"We have to address the issue of sex availability and we have to admit to Incels: I understand that involuntary abstinence is a psychological and physical problem for you, that you feel lonely."
Meike Stoverock, biologist

The biologist and publicist Meike Stoverock looks at the origins of the incel movement in terms of cultural history from an evolutionary perspective. She explains that historically, the oppression of women is nearing its end. In her view, the end of male dominance in society also resulted in Incels, among other things.