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Issue 1, Volume III, April 2013 -

ajender 2013 mindajanuary: Layout 1 10/11 /2013 2:59 PM Page 2C O N T E N T SINTERVIEW Mr Sandeep Malik (MMSL) Ms Pragna Guru (MMSL) Mr. Jitendra Kumar Yadav (MCL GN) Mr. Gajendra Dhoundiyal (MCL-Corporate) Mr. Sanjeev Kumar Singh (MCL Noida Unit) Mr. P. S. Das (MCL, Pune & Aurangabad) Mr. Ramesh Negi (MCL, Pantnagar) Mr. Neeraj Sharma (MCL, Pantnagar) Ms. Megha M.inthere (M.inthere Europe) Mr. Manish Karwa (Uz M.inthere ) Mr. Ina Kaniasari (Indonesia) Mr. Vikas turmeric (M.inthere Stoneridge, Pune) Ms. Rutuja Deshpande (M.inthere Valeo, Pune) Mr. Jagat Dangi (M.inthere SAI, Greater Noida) Mr. Ombir Pawar (M.inthere SAI, Greater Noida) of this edition Comment 4-11MMSL 12-27MCL 28-35M.inthere Furukawa 36-37M.inthere SAI 38-39M.inthere Stoneridge 40-42 Mayank Auto 43M.inthere Silca 44MASL 45-47M.inthere Valeo 48-49PT M.inthere Automotive Indonesia 50-51M.inthere Vietnam 52oz M.inthere 53M.inthere KTSN 54-57CSR Initiative 58-60M.intheren’s Corner 62 "We shouldn't do our work eindo it with a sense of duty, but approach the matter with passion. ”Mr. Vivek Kumar SharmaTeamPage 4Mr Rajesh Rathod (M.inthere SAI, Murbad) Ms. Ruchira (M.inthere SAI, Pune) Mr Manoj Mishra ( M.inthere SAI, Pithampur) Mr.Pradeep Kumar (M.inthere SAI, Kakkalur) Ms Pooja Avasthi (MASL, Delhi) Mr. Ajay Gogna (MMSL, Japan) Mr. Gaurav Soni (M.inthere Silca, Greater Noida) Mr. D.K Sharma (M.inthere Furukawa, Bawal) Mr. Purnendu Kumar (Mayank Auto, Gr Noida) Mr. Ajay Gupta (Mayank Auto, Haridwar) Mr. Hoan Tran (Vietnam) Mr. M. C. Joshi (MDMCT & M.inthere Bal Gram) Mr. Raj Kumar (MDMCT) Mr. Madan Lal (M.inthere Balgram) Mr. Ravi Kiran (CSR) Enrich us with your feedback. Mail your letters to: Editor, Spark M.inthere Times, Group Communication Department,M.inthere Management Services Ltd, Plot No.68, Sector - 32, Echelon Institutional Area, Gurgaon, Haryana, India - 122001, Email: [email protected], log on: And Published By Anil Batra On Behalf Of Spark M.inthere, Ashok M.inthere Group2By EditorINDEXDear Friends, Few days ago my journalist friend tried to inculcate inme the virtue of planing and it has stayed with me forgood. She said: ‘A goal without a plan is just a wish’. Truly so without leaps of imagination or dreaming, we lose the excitement of possibilities. Dreaming, after all is a form of planinG. But I sometimes wonder does life always move on asplanned? Isn’t life all about happenings and ruthless revision of our plans by nature or fate. So, the best way out is to begin fromthe beginning every time and learn as you move on. This not only makes your journey easier but you are also able toaccommodate more. Every time I begin with a new issue of Spark M.inthereTimes, I begin with a certain plan but as I hop from unit to unitand meet a cross section of people my views widens and I getto see a different prespective altogether. It is always enricheding experience, I am able to accommodate more withinthe framework and the end product always surprises me. Hope you enjoy this edition. Do keep us posted with your feedback, Cheers and happy reading !!! Anil Batra Dear friends, Before ein few days I tried eine journalist friendin the virtue of planning closer to bringenes that I've kept forever since then. She said, “Ein A goal without a plan is just ein Desire ”. And really, without leaps of thought or dreams, we lose the charm of possibilities. After all, dreaming is eine form of planning. But sometimes the question arises: Does life always go as planned? Isn't life made up of events and ruthless changes in our plans by the whims of nature or fate? So the best way out is to start over each time and learn how to go on. This not only makes your path easier, but also enables you to adapt better to the circumstances. Whenever I am with einhe new edition of Spark M.inthere Timesbeginno, I have einen specific plan. But since I speak from topic to topicinge and einWhen I meet a cross-section of people, I expandine point of view and I get all Dinge from einhe see a different perspective. It's always eine enriching experience, i binin the situation me better inadapt within the framework and the end product surprises me every time anew. Enjoy this edition and let us get your feedback. All the best and enjoy reading !!! Anil Batra

ajender 2013 mindajanuary: Layout 1 10/11 /2013 2:59 PM Page 3 MESSAGE FROM THE CHAIRMAN The key to success einhe brand is self-image, transparency, originality and responsibility. ›ASHOK MINDAGCEO, SPARK MINDA, ASHOK MINDA GROUPDear friends, India's achievement in the automotive segment has not only been steady but is growinginG continuously. It has emerged as a 'sunrise sector' in the Indiansconomy. Over the last decade, India's automotive sector has established global credentials, with both domestic and inter-national OEMs and suppliersleveraging the domestic demand and manufacturering potential. India is beingdeemed as one of the world's fastest growing passenger car markets. Currently, it's the sixth-largest passenger vehicles market in the world and second largest two wheeler manufacturer. Vehicles and components manufactured in thecountry are increasingly meeting global standards of quality, reliability and cost. The automotive vehicle export from the country has grown at a CAGR of24% in FY 2012. Presently, vehicles produced in India are exported to around 110 countries. Export of autocomponents from India have grown at a CAGR of 16% in FY 2012. It is now widely acknowledged that emerging nations-like India will drive growth in world GDP in the years ahead. Indeed, there is already a major shift in the axis of economic power towards Asia as advanced nations grapple with the after-shocks of a deep recession. Global OEMs areinvestinG in local manufacturing and design capabilities to meet domestic demand and establish India as an export hub with the development of global platforms. It will indeed be our endeavor to grab all the opportunities that comy way and provide the best service to our customers.Our Group continues to remain engaged in building a portfolio of goodbusinesses leveraging enterprise strengths, new technologies and carefully nurtured competencies. The spirit of innovation and focus on game changingR & D sharpen our groups competitive strengths. In addition, unique strengthsin marketing and strategy, world-class manufacturering, superior service delivery, together with a rich experience inconsumer insights add enduring vitality to ourGroup. It is this bouquet of competitive strengths that provide us the confidenceas we step ahead into an exciting future. Though the year 2012 has been subdued one for the industry, but the weight of this crisis will not determineine thedestiny of our Group. We want as one big family continue to thrive and flourish.Your continued support and commitment will give us great encouragement and strength while we prepare for the next phase of development. We have been able to sail smoothly in this testing time and I thank you all for overcoming them sodeftly and progressing on the path of success. I am confident that with thecontinuing support from our Customers, Suppliers, Employees and othervaluable Stakeholders, our Group will scale greater height in the days to come.With you always… India’s automotive achievements sind not only of great durability, but also show ein continous growing. The industrial sector developed into einem 'shiny sector' in the inDanish economy. For the past ten years, the inDanish automotive sector, both with inrural as well as with ininternational original equipment companies and suppliers that use the BinDemand and production potential in Bringing momentum, creating global references. India is considered an einThe world's fastest growing automotive market. The country is currently the sixth largest market for passenger cars in in the world and the second largest two-wheeler manufacturer. Reach the vehicles and components made in the country in increasingly ininternational standards in Regarding quality, reliability and cost. The export of in India-made motor vehicles is with einhe average annual growth rate increased by 24% in the 2012 financial year. Currently being in India made vehicles in exported to about 110 countries. The export of inDanish car components is marked with einhe annual growth rate increased from 16% in 2012. It is now widely recognized that emerging economies like India in will be the engine of growth for world GDP in the coming years. And in fact there are already einShifting focus of economic power to Asia, since the developed industrialized countries with the aftermathinit looks like a deep recessioninput it differently. Global OEMs invest in local manufacturing and engineering capabilities to support the B.inmeet demand and India einhe export hub with the development of global platforms. It will in indeed our aspirationinto seize all opportunities that arise and offer our customers the best services. Our group will continue to growin on the structure einit portfolios of good business to involve the company and its strengths in Momentum to brinas well as new technologies and carefully developed skills einto add. The spirit of innovation and the focus on groundbreaking research and development promote the Group's competitive advantages. Additionally bringene inindividual strengths in Marketing and strategy, manufacturing processes according to the highest standards, highest willingness to provide service together with extensive experience in Relation to consumer needs our group permanent vitality. It is this bundle of competitive strengths that gives us the confidence to take this step in eine exciting future. Although the year 2012 for dieIndustrie ein was a muted year, the weight of this crisis will not determine the fate of our group. We were in the situation in To keep our course so smoothly and smoothly during this test period and thank you all for the skilful handling and for the continuation of our success story. I bin convinced that with the constant support from our customers, suppliers, employees and other valued interest groups, our group in will achieve even higher goals in the coming days.Ashok M.inthereAshok M.inthere3

ajender 2013 mindajanuary: Layout 1 10/11 /2013 2:59 PM Page 4 INTERVIEWExcellence Is Essence Of SuccessPerfection is our work culture. We ride on the high tide ofsuccess and adopt the new changes with ease, SaysMr. Vivek Kumar Sharma, Head-Group Strategic Business.Sir, Congratulations on your newassignment in Russia. Please tell ussomething about yourself.Thanks..Well, I have almost lived alifetime here as I am associated with the Group for almost 15 years and with theautomotive inindustry for the last 25 years. Today at 50, I still feel I have a long way to go.During my tenure at Spark M.inthere, AshokM.inthere Group, I have the privilege to work inmarketing sphere, dealinG inininternational business with major automotive customersand also strategizing for developing Groupbusiness with major OEM’s in new overseasterritories.Back at home I have got two lovely daughters and wife. She has been awonderful mother and a companion. She is my strength and has supported me at everystep. In fact she is the fulcrum around ourlives revolve. I started my career with an India basedItalian company; manufacturing Gypsy Hardtops and other automotive parts for Maruti Suzuki and also Marine products for Defense and Tourism sector. The second what with Jay-Ushin, which was again a company producingvide range of automotive components. From last 15 years I am with Spark M.inthere, AshokM.inthere Group.I have literally seen the Group grow and have also grown with it. It has been an excellent experience. As a techno cocommercial person and with marketing background I havealways aspired to spread The Spark ’acrossthe Globe. My dream has always been to seeglobal giants considering our group as the benchmark for high quality innovative automobiles component manufacturer.Sir, you have literally traveled acrossthe globe and have seen the marketsworld over, how is the Russian marketdifferent from and similar to other globalmarkets? As far as the Russian market isconcerned, I can say that it's the place to bein and sooner the possible; though it's quitedifferent and complex. Therefore I considerthis to be more of a challenge than an opportunity in creating our presence. We alsocan’t deny the fact that other major marketslike USA, Europe and South East Asia arealmost saturated and have already seen largepenetration of global suppliers, it is still not sowith Russia or CIS region, say almost five years ago Russian market was dominatedeither by second hand foreign cars or by thedomestically produced LADA brand Cars by AvtoVaz. But it changed a little in the past 3-4 years, when more and more foreign OEMs entered the Russian market by setting upmanufacturing plants. But at the same time domestic automotive continue todominate a size room to play in theindustry.Hence, it was equally important for us to focus on the Local Russian OEM’s initially andlater on also taking advantage of our existingpresence in the European market and the4experience of serving other major global customers; we should also be targeting theEuropean, American and South Asian (Korean & Japanese) global players presentin the Russian market. In my opinion, the Russian automotive market has a lot of potential, it still has to reach a level where domestic and global players can find alevel playing field and we can be a catalyst inthis growth and I am aiming for that. How do you plan to synergize our products to the manufacturers in Russiato suit their needs? What are the current opportunities you see in Russian market? The current market dominance in Russia is about 52% of Russian and 48% of foreign cars. Also among the top ten bestsellingmodels of passenger cars so far, nine are produced in Russia; Lada, Renault, Hyundai, Kia, Volkswagen, Chevrolet, Nissan, Toyota, Ford except GM Daewoo which is produced inUzbekistan. In Commercial vehicle andSUV / MUV segment KAMAZ, UAZ, GAZ, & GM AvtoVaz are having major market shares. For example, in passenger vehicle segment, today Avtovaz is the largest manufacturer with approx. 800K volumes perannum. They have very ambitious plans, especially after their recent alliance with Renault Nissan with projections of 1.5 million cars by year 2016. In cocommercial vehicle segment GAZ is presently producing 120KLCV’s per annum and is also assembling cars for VW, GM & SKODA brands. It is important to note that the averageage of Cars in Russia presently is 12 years with vehicle density per 1000 people is 260 cars. So considering the overall scenario Inthis case, our Group presence and product range is extremely suitable for the Russianmarket and it is very convenient for us to offer

ajender 2013 mindajanuary: Layout 1 10/11 /2013 2:59 PM Page 5 INTERVIEW Topic a complete basket as we have three different product domains-Safety, Security & Restraint Systems, Driver Information & Telematics Systems and Interiors; whichcomprises of fairly a good percentage of pervehicle part consumption and hence thesynergy can be made easily. While interactingwith major Russian OEM’s, I have also observed that the domestic Russiancomponent manufacturinG inIndustry is not verydeveloped so there are a lot of gray areas that they are facinG. At the same time, though theforeign component manufacturers are present but they are not very cost effective whereas our products are much more competitive and we can become a preferred source to these OEM’s. What is the current state of autocomponent inIndustry is Russia? As far as the Russian auto component manufacturers are concerned, as I mentionedit’s not very developed, in other words you can say it has a very weak componentmanufacturing base. That is primarily because of these component manufacturers areoperating with multiple product ranges which apart from the automotive segments, servesto domestic requirement for Defense, Aviation and Railways. They also make various spares for after market requirements. In one set up they are producing different kind ofcomponents. So that's the reason the originalautomotive component manufacturer are a bigconcern for OEM’s until they are developed to acertain stage and are entirely focused towardsAutomotive OEM’s. At present major foreign automotivemanufacturers like VW, GM, RENAULT, NISSAN, FORD, HYUNDAI etc. have setup and made huge Investments and productionplans at different regions. For meetingrequisite quality standards they have broughtin their tier-1 suppliers. So for example saywhere ever VW, GM, Ford, Renault, Nissan, Hyundai etc moves they take these suppliersalong.The base of local automotive component manufacturer is also fairly large in Russiabecause they are created with governments support or are state owned. Most of the cities are built around these automotive hubs withinintegrated manufacturing facilities specially catering to the needs of their domestic OEM’s such as; AutoVaz, Kamaz, GAZ, UAZ etc as dedicated source.At the same time, the Russianautomotive component market is underdeveloped due to various reasons. Firstly, it's on insufficient supplier base. It lacquered divisions in the supplier base due to the high level of vertical inintegration with major local OEMs. There is lack of competitivetechnology and quality among Russian manufacturers. They don’t invest much inResearch and Development and engineeringskills to develop and manufacture new types of components. Due to technological backwardness, most local manufacturers lack the instinct required to meet the high requirements of global OEMs. Before now Automotive Component Industry in Russia is actively moving towardsdeveloping local content capabilities to bridge the gap between current state of inindustry and future growth opportunity. More than 40ininternational suppliers have alreadyestablished manufacturing base in Russia on their own or with local co-operation and havestarted operations.I feel this is the right time for us also tomake our presence felt! What is the secret of your awesomepresence in the inindustry that literally hasthe manufacturers all over the globe accepting your bouquet of products? Presently I understand though we have subscription of products from different domainsbut in particular I feel that Driver Information Systems & Interiors is the area where there is huge potential. The reason being our groupcompanies like MSIL & MSPS has done fairly good in technological enhancements byinvestinG in latest technologies which arecomparable to global manufacturingstandards.You can also say that as of today, ‘SparkM.inthere’Has a global identity with our presencein different regions of the world, havingtechnological edge and collaboration withleading business groups, which goes to our5advantage. At the same time in otherdomains we do have equivalent expertise and technologies available but may be due to thecosts and other mechanical features, it maybe less attractive for the OEMs. Your association with the group is almost 15 years old. You have actually seen the transition in this group. Please elaborate on what you think is our strength and the areas where effort is much needed. I joined this group in the year 1999;M.inthere Group was having only 3 manufactureing facilities- M.inthere Huf Ltd, M.inthereSAI in Noida; other M.inthere Instruments in Pune. At that time, I clearly remember that that Group companies were not even having thequality certifications like ISO and TS 16949.But with the inspiration and enthusiasm of Mr. Ashok M.inthere to become a global organization, various initiatives were taken and all the Group Companies startedachieving quality certifications, severaltraining programs were brought in from the associate level to the senior level management in which Mr. M.inthere himselfparticipated actively. Due to this fact, and with this mobilizing spirits, we could achievevarious laurels one after the other. As a result,in Such a short span of time, over the last 12 years, we can say that today we are truly aglobal organization having 32 manufacturinfacilities all over the world; dealing withdifferent cultures and nationalities. Still variousinitiatives are on as required.With my extensive dealings in variousGlobal economies, I personally feel that this momentum should continue so that we should

ajender 2013 mindajanuary: Layout 1 10/11 /2013 2:59 PM Page 6INTERVIEWnot stagnate. Hence, we have to follow the same practice continuously and rigorously. Wehave to be the surfers on the edge of thewaves always ready to sway with the tide but never lose sight of our cherished goals. Underthe able guidance of our GCEO, Mr. AshokM.inthere I am sure we will always be ahead inthe race.Would you like to see any change inthe product line in the near future? Wheredo you see the opportunity lies ahead for your group? As we all can experience that the global preferences are rapidly changinging and due toless human inservice today the products aregetting designed more for aesthetics andcomfort whereinin electronics plays a greatrole. I personally feel this is one area which needs serious focus and top priority. With this we will be directly participatinG in the future growth of the Industry. Though various mechanical operations with our engineering skills and past experience will win the automotive sector still we should beable to think ahead and gauge what will begood for future. It's very important that apart from being a low cost manufacturer we should be innovation driven. We should aim to even jump ahead of the current electronic wave, and leveraging on that innovation, we could evenshield ourselves from the competition. Thiswould further reinforce our visibility in theinindustry for long. As you have said earlier that the Russian market is still developing and is very different from ours the obvious question is Why Russia? Good question in fact I was waiting for thisone. Please remember whenever we take up anew area of ​​operation it does not happenovernight, months of research and planinggoes into it. We also have shortlisted advantages for being present in Russia.To begin with we will mark our presencein the substantially large four wheeler market (more than 2.5 million Cars being produced inRussian region). Moreover, it is an extremely difficult task to get an entry as a Tier 1 suppliert to any major OEM in developed European or other markets. But since this market is evolvingingwe can literally grow with it. There is a tremendous growth potential possibility inRussia and CIS region. S.ince market is set to grow rapidly we can get benefited due to earlyinvasion.The fact remains that the local OEM’s with state government stakes can be targeted easily with an effective networkinG. Also local manufacturers are not up to world standards so we can easily compete or target joinAdventure operations for break through. Due toour group’s local presence in CIS region with manufactureing facility in Yoint Co-operation withUzbekistan Government, also stands to ouradvantage since there are free trade agreements with Russia and Uzbekistan, subject to fulfillment of certain terms &conditions. Infact the manufacturering andlogistics from our Uzbekistan facility can beadvantageous for both our Group as well as forCIS OEM’s. Also the proximity to Europe withincreased presence of European OEM’s in theregion, potential of business opportunities forour M.inthere Europe manufacturing facilities is much more. Most important no Indian automobile component manufacturer is presentin CIS region so any move for our timely expansion and association with OEM’s would always be advantageous. Though CIS region isvery complex but spread of business risk with allout effort in new areas for future growth is must. How do you see Spark M.inthere brandemerginG in the global market? We can't ignore one important fact that the kind of product that we manufacture, thereare already other well established global players. When it cowith any presentation onany of our products to the OEM’s, we arecompared directly to the manufacturers likeVisteon, Bosch, Delphi, Magneti Marelli, Johnson Control, Continental, Valeo, Kiekehrtc. So despite having the competencies andnecessary instructure, to change themindset of the customer is sometimes verydifficult.But the silver lining is that the mindset has started to change. Leveraging on the strict hand brand name of erstwhile MINDA Group and with our presence in the global arena, autogiants have begun to notice ‘Spark M.inthere’Emerging as a brand. Our Group CorporateMarketing team under the able guidance of MrN.K Taneja has done a marvelous job. They are strengthening businits relationships with all OEM’s at global level. They have made the transition from M.inthere Group to Spark M.intherevery smooth. After 50 years of being a part ofMINDA Group; Spark M.inthere, Ashok M.inthereGroup has created a niche for itself in a very short span of time. The marketing and the brand team have done it well and I feel happy to be a part of this wonderful transitional phase. The Spark has started to ignite theminds and very soon we will set a benchmark of quality among the global giants. We havebeen able to reach here because we havemade excellence our habit and perfection is our work culture. We ride on the high tide of success and adopt the new changes withease. What advantage do you get with good PR skills while you deal with foreign clients and handleing diverse cultures? I view public relations and networkingskills as a key component of any operation inthis day of instant communication and rightlyinquisitive consumers. If you are able tocommunicate well half the work is done.With my 25 years of association in theAutomotive Industry and dealing with various national and ininternational OEM’s, I havegained exposure, to Global experience it has helped me in developing some major skills, that is attention to detail and also beingpersuasive for getting what you want. Andwhile interacting with your customer if you can experience this than you can comfortably thrivein that dynamic environment.I am also of the opinion that unless youface a challenge, you are not able to deliverbecause that drive often forces you to thinkdifferently and out of the box and most of times the outcome seems favorable. Your advice to the Group employees ... My advice is that we shouldn't be doingour work simply out of obligation we shouldfeel passionate about it.6

ajender 2013 mindajanuary: Layout 1 10/11 /2013 2:59 PM Page 7 INTERVIEW Excellence is the essence of success “Perfection is our work culture. We ride the wave of success and take on new changes with ease, ”says Mr. Vivek Kumar Sharma, Head of Strategic Business at the Group. Congratulations on your new role in Russia. Please tell us something about yourself. Thank you very much! Well i have meinI have spent my whole life here and have been working for the group for 15 years. Total bin I have been for 25 years now in the automobileinactive in industry. Even today, at the age of 50, I still feel thatin a long way to go with meinhe time at SparkM.inthere, Ashok M.inthere Group, I considered it a privilege in the marketinworking in theininternational business with the most important automotive customers and also strategies for the development of the group business with the most important original equipment companies in new sales markets in Overseas. At home I have eineWife and two wonderful daughters. Meine woman is eine wonderful mother and partnerin. She gives me strength and has me with all Dingene-assisted. Indeed, she is the fishing spot in everything that concerns our life.I started meine career in theindischen branch einesitalian company that manufactured gypsy hardtops (off-road vehicles) and other automotive components for MarutiSuzuki as well as marine products for the defense and tourism sectors. The second company I worked for was Jay-Ushin, which also einmanufactured a wide range of automotive components. For the last 15 years bin I now at SparkM.inthere, Ashok M.inthere Group. I have the company in the truest Sinsee ne of the word grow and bin grown with them. It was always einit is a very good experience. As a technical and economic employee with the marketinghinBecause of this, I have always strived to ignite 'The Spark' across the world. It was always mein Dream to see that global corporations giants our group as a benchmarkinit high qualityininnovative automotive component manufacturerind literally traveled around the world and have e everywhereinen Einlook in the markets get. How is the Russian market different from other world markets? As far as the Russian market is concerned, I can say that it is the wrong placein is, and the sooner the better the possibilities, albeit completely different and complex. For this reason, I see it as a challenge rather than an opportunityine to establish an economic presence. Furthermore, it cannot be denied that other major markets such as the US, Europe and Southeast Asia are almost saturatedind and have already seen major breakthroughs from worldwide providers. This is not yet the case with Russia or the CIS region, d. H. Almost five years ago, either foreign used vehicles or the country-made LADA from AvtoVaz dominated the Russian market. But in the7

ajender 2013 mindajanuary: Layout 1 10/11 /2013 2:59 PM Page 8INTERVIEW This has changed somewhat in the last 3-4 years as more and more foreign OEMs entered the Russian market and built up production plants. But at the same time dominalso continuein eindomestic automobile manufacturers, the einConsiderable role in It was therefore equally important for us to focus first on the local Russian OEMs and later on our existing presence in the European market and our experience in serving more important global customers. We should also target European, American and Southeast Asian (Korean and Japanese) Multinationals that are present on the Russian market pind, address.Meinhe MeinThe Russian automotive market has a lot of potential, but it still needs to be improvedin Achieve a level where bothindomestic as well ininternational companies equal conditionsinmildlyinden, where we einen contribution to accelerating this growthinwhat would be the goal for me. How do you plan our products for the manufacturers in To offer Russia so that advantages arise for both and their needs can be met? What current opportunities do you see on the Russian market? The current market share inRussia is 52% for Russian and 48% for foreign vehicles. Among the ten best-selling car models, so far there are nine inRussia made; Lada, Renault, Hyundai, Kia, Volkswagen, Chevrolet, Nissan, Toyota and Ford. GM Daewoowwill in Uzbekistan made. In commercial vehicles and the SUV / MUV segment, KAMAZ, UAZ, GAZ and GM AvtoVaz have significant market shares. For example, AvtoVaz is now the largest manufacturer in the passenger car segment with around 800,000 vehicles per year. The company has very ambitious plans, especially after the recent alliance with Renault Nissan, with projections of 1.5 million cars by 2016. In the truck segment, GAZ currently produces 120,000 light trucks per year and also assembles cars for the brands VW, GM and SKODA. It is important to note that that cars in Russia currently einHave an average age of 12 years, with einhe vehicle density of 260 cars per 1000 unitsinresident. Therefore sind in In this case, taking into account the overall scenario, the presence as well as the product and service program of our group are ideally suited both for the Russian market and extremely cheap to offer our complete product basket - we have three different product areas: safety, protection & restraint systems, driverininformation and telematics systems as well as interior fittings; the einen account for a fairly large proportion of vehicle parts consumption, which makes it easy to potentiate the results. During my interaction with major Russian OEMs, I have also observed that theyindomestic suppliersinindustry isn’t that far developed and it’s still einThere are some gray areas that one is confronted with. At the same time, there are foreign suppliers who are present in the countryind, however, not work very cost-effectively, whereinmuch more competitive against our products sindand we eine preferred choice for these OEMs. What is the current state of auto partsinindustry in Russia? As far as the Russian automotive suppliers are concerned, sinthat, as I mentioned earlier, not yet developed that far; in other words has the supplierinindustry einesvery weak production base. This is primarily due to the fact that most of these suppliers operate in a wide variety of product areasinwhich, apart from automotive segments, also hold the inserve rural defense, aerospace and rail needs. These operations also produce a variety of spare parts for aftermarket needs. In einDifferent types of components are manufactured at the manufacturing facility. This is why the original auto parts maker is a major concern of the original equipment manufacturers as they have up to einto a certain degree sind and yourself einumpteen and allin At present, major foreign automobile manufacturers such as VW, GM, RENAULT, NISSAN, FORD, HYUNDAI, etc. in different regions production facilities built and high sums of money in theseininvested. In order to meet the required quality standards, they brought their tier 1 suppliers with them. You can say, for example, that whereinalways VW, GM, Ford, Renault, Nissan, Hyundai etc. hingo thereintake these providers with hin.The basis of local automotive suppliers is inRussia is also quite big, as this is supported by state subsidies8

ajender 2013 mindajanuary: Layout 1 10/11 /2013 2:59 PM Page 9INTERVIEW or state-owned companies see pind. Most cities sind built around these automotive centers and have inintegrated production facilities, inespecially to meet your needsindomestic original equipment manufacturers such as AutoVaz, Kamaz, GAZ, UAZ, etc. as respective basic companies. At the same time, the Russian automotive supply market is underdeveloped for various reasons. At firstinsometimes there areine Inadequate supplier base. Graduated areas are missing in the supplier base due to the vertical integration with the largest local OEMs at a high level. There is a lack of competitive technology andquality among Russian manufacturers. It doesn't get much there inResearch and development and design expertise ininvested in order to develop and manufacture new types of components. Due to the technological backwardness, most local businesses lack the necessary instinkt to meet the high requirements of global original equipment manufacturers. That is why the automotive supplier worksinindustry inRussia is now actively promoting and further developing the skills of its local suppliers in order to bridge the contrasts between the current state of the industry and future growth opportunities. More than 40 ininternational providers already have eine production base allin or with the help of local cooperation in Russia built and started its operations. I finde that this is also the right time for us to show our presence and work to I look at competencies inPublic relations and networking as a key component in any activity in einhe time of constant communication and too inquisitive consumers, as we see now. If you can communicate correctly, this is already half a success. Let! Attractive for OEMsinWhat is the secret of your might? Overwhelming presence in Theyou have been working for almost 15 years in the industry, which stands for the group worldwide. You have literally changed from the manufacturers in this group of companies, which you will experience directly. Could you take over the product range? more precisely what yours presently I understand that, Meinour strengths pind, and although we ein Product range in which areas still have that in different efforts are made, divided into areas, mainly? drivingininformation systems and Meine activity in the group interior design the areas with began in 1999. The M.inthereparticularly great potential sind. Group only had 3, the reason is that our production facilities - M.inthere Huf Ltd, group companies such as MSIL and M.inthere SAI in Noida and M.inthereMSPS to consult the technical instrument in Pune. I heinFurther development by me is still very precise that the investments in the latest technologies, group companies at that time that were not yet able to cope with global manufacturing standardsintimes comparable sind, very well asserting quality certifications, such as ISO and have.TS 16949, had. But with Mr.One can also say that Ashok M.intheres inspiration and the 'park M.inthere‘Already today through zeal, eine global organization for our presence in different, several InitiativesRegionen der Welt eine global and possesses all identity, einengroup company has startedtechnological lead and has thus achieved quality certifications with leading corporate groups, variousin Cooperation is what makes us dreamininprograms were of the benefit of being. At the same time we have company level in the upperin other areas above management level einbrought with equivalent expertise and self mr M.inthere actively about those involved. Because of this, technologies, but possibly and thanks to seinBecause of the cost and other reasons of mobilization, we were less able to follow many of the laurels of mechanical featuresinearn another 9

ajender 2013 mindajanuary: Layout 1 10/11 /2013 2:59 PM Page 10 INTERVIEW As a result, today we can say that after einhe short period of time over the past 12 years really eine become a global organization sind, which has over 32 manufacturing facilities in all over the world and has dealings with the most diverse cultures and nationalities. Several initiatives are ongoing as needed, through meine extensive experience in dealing with various global economic systems finde I personally that this momentum and this dynamic should continue so that we do not stagnate. That's why we have to keep goingin steadily and consistently of the same practical consequences. We have to se the surfersinriding the waves and always ready sind to turn with the flight without ever losing sight of our aspirations and goals. I bin I am sure that we are under the competent management of our Group Managing Director, Mr.Ashok M.inthere, you would always be one step ahead in the race in in the near future gladly anyine change in the productinyou see? In your opinion, where are the chances for the future of the Group? As we can all experience, global preferences and Einpositions very quickly and due toinWith fewer human interventions, the design of products is now done more for reasons of aesthetics and comfort, worin the electronics einplays an important role. I myself think that this is einit is the areas that ein special attention deserve the highest priority. With that we will in participate directly in the future growth of the industry. Although different mechanical processes together with our design skills and experience from the past the automotive sectorinwe should still take it in able to seinto think ahead and judge what would be good for the future. It is very important that we not only eincost-effective manufacturing company sind, but also einininnovation-driven companyin should. We should make it our goal to get over the current electronic wave even in our leap forward and continue this innovation in Swing to bringen. We could even shield ourselves from competing companies. This would be our sight in will continue to strengthen the industry for a long time. As you said before, befinthe Russian market is still developing in development and is very different from ours. So the obvious question is: why Russia? in indeed eine good question I've been waiting for, please remember that whenever we ein Take up a new area of ​​work, the whole thing does not happen overnight, but months of research and planninginhold. We also have eine list of advantages that we have for our presence in Russia. First, we will establish our presence in the much larger market for four-wheel vehicles (more than 2.5 million vehicles inof the Russia region), above that hinoff it is eine extremely difficult task for every major OEM indeveloped European or other markets as a tier 1 supplier hineinto get. However, since this market is still in the developmentinWe can literally grow with it. Russia and the CIS region offer ein enormous growth potential. As the market is geared towards rapid growth, eine benefit early invasion. The fact remains that government-owned local OEMs can be easily targeted with effective networking. Even local manufacturers do not reproduceininternational standards, whereby we offer them easy competition10

ajender 2013 mindajanuary: Layout 1 10/11 /2013 2:59 PM Page 12 Relocation of the corporate headquarters MMSLOn Monday the 29th April2013 relocatedSpark M.inthere, Ashok M.inthere Groupseine Headquarters to Gurgaon, the industrial and Fincenter of Haryana. In order to ensure that the employees and customers of our group continue to workin To offer our valued services, we have our corporate headquarters from D-6-11, Sector59, Noida in our new business premisesM.inthere Management Services Limited, Plot No. -68, Sector- 32, Institutional Area, Gurgaon, Haryana - 122001 Relocated at Spark M.inthere sind we always strive to offer first-class service at all times. The new corporate headquarters befinis located in the center of Gurgaon, where most of the multinnational and other companies have their headquartersinExclusive product presentation about our group with detailed information on all branches and product categories worldwide, which the visitor einoffers a great overview. With einhe first class officeininfrastructure also offers you better comfort, such as larger parking spaces, eine spacious cafeteria in the basement undeine more spacious working environmentinthe first-class 'MEDANTA' hospital. The closest subway station is “Huda City Center” and befinIt is only 4 km away from the building. The MMSL headquarters are expanding the funding for the group companies in order to realize the group's vision and carry out numerous activities such as political decisions, strategy development, finfinancial support, skills acquisition and the ability to expand and consolidate growth. Mr. AshokM.inthere runs the MMSL in the capacity of group managing director. In the short time in Whose MMSL existed, it became the Spark affiliate M.inthere, AshokM.inthere Group possible to rise further up the value chain, highly developed processes and the use of the latest technology einsupply and eine to achieve greater global visibility. Relocation Of Corporate OfficeSpark M.inthere, Ashok M.inthere Group relocated its cocorporate toGurgaon, the inindustrial and financial center of Haryana, wefMonday, 29th April, 2013. To ensure that we continue to offervalued services to our Group Employees and Customers, we have relocatedour Group Corporate Office from D-6-11, Sector 59, Noida to our newpremises at M.inthere Management Services Limited, Plot No. -68, Sector- 32, Institutional Area, Gurgaon, Haryana - 122001. At Spark M.inthere, we constantly endeavor to provide you with best inclass services at all times. The new corporate office is located in the hub of Gurgaon, where most of MNC’s and big companies have their corporate offices.The new coCorporate office showcases an Exclusive Product Display of support to Group Companies to achieve the vision of the Group andour Group with details of all our Plant locations and Product Categories undertaking various activities such as policy decisions, strategy across the globe, thus giving an enhanced view to the visitor. With world development, financial support, competence building and enabling them toclass office infrastructure, it also offers better amenities such as larger expand and consolidate growth. Mr. Ashok M.inthere heads MMSL in theparking area, a spacious cafeteria in the basement and a more spacious capacity of the Group Cheif Executive Officer. In its short existence MMSLworking environment.has enabled Spark M.inthere, Ashok M.inthere Group companies to move higher The place is adjacent to the World Class hospital ‘MEDANTA’. The up the value chain, implement advanced processes, latest technology closes Metro Station from the office is the “Huda City Center” which is implementation, and a wider global visibility.only 4 kms from the office. The Group corporate office MMSLextends its12

ajender 2013 mindajanuary: Layout 1 10/11 /2013 2:59 PM Page 13MMSLNew Product Presentation CenterConsulting. This will not only einThe goal was eine new, ultra-modern product presentation center sein, but interior systems. Certain products E.into create direction where we also ein Place to convey technical can in the presentation center of our technologically best and inmost innovative knowledge, functionality and use einIt is recommended to group companies to highlight or to present group products over said products inform and also einfrom einhe hand created concept imagining what both eindomestic and foreign customers einen view of our range of available products, but also provides information on certain exceptional products. The Eindirection was equipped as a modern conference center with high technology and serves as a meeting center for company transactionsin Place where all great ideas come together. The seainunique resource ininnovative presentations, helps with the associationinsimplification of the product selection process for customers and offers eine On-site every product for the customer. Currently sinThe customers are very eager to do it ininterested, goodininforms about procedure, functionality and use / USP einto become the product they order; and in HinOur group has the product presentation center in viewin our new corporate headquarters in Gurgaoneindirected, which is also in the EinKlang is committed to offering complete system solutions for OEMs. The center lists all of our product segments and has static and digital images, einMemorable short information sentences, audiovisual effects that should arouse curiosity in visitors about our products and services. The focus is on safety, protection and restraint systems, driversinformations will be demonstrated to give the customer the product in effective and creative way of approaching brinMany elements have been used by the designer to create display boards that have effects such as colors, lighting, space, productinformation, charmsincurrents included. There are also technologies, such as digital representations and ininteractive installations. All different media are effectively combinedinized to promote the interest of the customer and to attract, capture and motivate the visitor / customer. The products are presented in such a way that their functions and uses are highlighted. These presentations convey the style, content and telematics systems as well as the functionality of the products. New Product Display CenterThe purpose was to make a modern, state-of-the-art facility which woulddisplay our technologically superiorand innovative Group products, giveinformation about the said products and also create a one-stop concept where both domestic and foreign customers can view the range of products available and receiveinformation on any particular product. It has been arranged as a modern meeting center with high technology and act as a business toBusiness (B2B) meeting center.A place where all great ideas cometogether, this unique resource showcasesinnovative displays, helps ease the selection process of products for customers and offersconsultancy on site. This will not be just a product display center but would also impart technical know-how, functioning and usage of each product to its customers. Currently, the Customers are keen to be well informed about techniques, functionalities and usage / USP of a product they order and in View of this, our Group has set up Product Display Center at our new Corporate Office at Gurgaon which is also in line with our commitment for providing13complete system solution to OEM’s. Thecentre covers all our product segments and has static and digital images, catchy oneliners, audio visuals that arouses the curiosity of people to know more about the products and services offered by our Group. On anvilare Safety, Security & Restraint Systems, Driver Information and Telematics Systems and Interiors System. Our Group canrecommend, highlight and demonstrateparticular product at the Center thus educatinthe customer about the product in an effective & creative way.

ajender 2013 mindajanuary: Layout 1 10/11 /2013 3:00 PM Page 16MMSLMBEM Award Ceremony 2011-12The Second M.inthere businessExcellence Model) Award 2010-11.memento was presented to Jury PanelExcellence Model (MBEM) Award Considering the outcome of the assessment, members, MBEM assessors & MBEMCeremony was organized by our the Jury Panel recommended various Secretariat for their coattribution in the wholeGroup Business Excellence Department on Saturday, 11th Aug. 2012 at StellarGymkhana, Greater Noida. The event was organized aftercompletion of the assessment of 15 applicable business Group Companies whochallenged the MBEM (M.inthere businessawards and recognitions as per the MBEM system to the steerinG committee.The Chief Guest of this august gatheringwas our GCEO, Mr. Ashok M.inthere and theGuest of Honor was Mrs. Sarika M.inthere. The event started with lamp lighting by theGuests and welcome address by Dr. P.Elangovan followed by a formal addressgiven by Mr. Ashim Vohra. Mr. C. V. Subrahmanyan, Senior Assessor, Member of July Panel from CII also graced the occasionby his presence.Our Hon’ble Chief Guest Mr. AshokM.inthere, GCEO gave a brief speech about theMBEM Award. In his address, he brought out clearly the efforts put in by Groupcompanies, MBEM assessors and the GroupBusiness Excellence team in sustaining theprocess and appreciated theiraccomplishments. So hey congratulated theAward winners and spoke about the efforts needed for further progress. A smallMBEM process.Awards & Recognition to all 15 applicants are as follows: Silver Award: M.inthere Corporation Ltd. –Pant NagarBronze Award: M.inthere StoneridgeInstruments Ltd - Pune, M.inthere FurukawaElectric Pvt Ltd - Bawal, M.inthere SAI Limited - Greater Noida, M.inthere Silca Engg Pvt Ltd-Greater Noida, M.inthere Valeo Security SystemPvt. Ltd.- Pune, and M.inthere Corporation Ltd (Security System). - Greater Noida.Commendation for SignificantAchievement: M.inthere Corporation Ltd. (Security System) - Pune, M.inthereCorporation Ltd. (The casting) - GreaterNoida, M.inthere Corporation Ltd. (The casting) - Pune, M.inthere Corporation Ltd. (PlasticDivision) - Pune, M.inthere SAI Ltd. - Kakkalur,M.inthere SAI Ltd. - Murbad, Mayank Auto -Greater Noida and MARS Industries Ltd. –Gurgaon.Winners take it all ... 1 2 3 45 6 7 81) Mr. Ashok M.inthere addressing the august gatherinG; 2) Silver Award MCL-PN; Bronze awards; 3) MSIL, Ltd - Pune; 4) M.inthere Furukawa Electric Pvt Ltd - Bawal; 5) M.inthereSAI Ltd, GN; 6) M.inthere Silca Engg Pvt Ltd- GN; 7) M.inthere Valeo Security System Pvt. Ltd.- Pune; 8) MCL (Security System), GN; Commendation for Significant Achievement 9) MCL (Security System) - Pune, 10) MC Ltd. (The casting), GN; 11) MCLtd. (The casting) - Pune; 12) MCLtd. (Plastic Division) - Pune; 13) M.inthere SAI Ltd. - kakkalur; 14) M.inthere SAI Ltd. - Murbad, 15) Mayank Auto - GN; 16) MARS Industries Ltd. - Gurgaon. 16

ajender 2013 mindajanuary: Layout 1 10/11 /2013 3:00 PM Page 17MMSLMBEM Awards 2011-12The second award ceremony for the M.inthere-Business Development Model (MBEM) was released by the Corporate Business Development Department on Saturday, August 11, 2012 in Stellar Gymkhana, Greater Noida. The event was held upon completion of the evaluation of 15 group companies that had applied for the MBEM Award (M.inthere-Business Development Model) 2010-11 organized. ImHinLooking at the outcome of the evaluation, the judges recommended various awards and recognitions to the Steering Committee in accordance with the MBEM system. The main guest at this meeting, which took place in August, was our Group Managing Director, Mr. Ashok M.inthere and the guest of honor was Mrs. Sarika M.inthere. The event started with einem from the guests initied light show and the welcoming address by Dr. P. Elangovan, followed by einFormal address by Mr. Ashim Vohra. Mr. C. V. Subrahmanyan, responsible for the evaluation and member of the judges committee of CII, was also present at the event. Our honorable main guest, the group managing director Mr. Ashok M.inthere, heldine short speech about the MBEM award. In this address he clearly highlighted the concerns of the group companies, MBEM assessors and the team for business development of the group einmade efforts in supporting the process and thanked them for their achievements. He also congratulated the Gewinreceived the award and talked about the efforts that need to be madeind to make further progress. For the award committee members, the MBEM assessors and the MBEM secretariat, ein Brief memorandum presented for their contribution and involvement in the entire MBEM process. Awards and recognitions for all 15 participating groupsind as follows: silver: M.inthere Corporation Ltd. - Pant Nagar bronze: M.inthere Stoneridge Instruments Ltd - Pune, M.inthere Furukawa Electric Pvt Ltd - Bawal,M.inthere SAI Limited - Greater Noida, M.inthere SilcaEngg Pvt Ltd- Greater Noida, M.inthere ValeoSecurity System Pvt. Ltd.- Pune, and M.inthereCorporation Ltd (security system). - GreaterNoida. Recommendation for Major Achievements: M.inthere Corporation Ltd. (Security System) - Pune, M.inthere Corporation Ltd. (Die casting company) - Greater Noida, M.inthereCorporation Ltd. (Die casting company) - Pune,M.inthere Corporation Ltd. (Department of Plastics) - Pune, M.inthere SAI Ltd. - Kakkalur, M.inthere SAILtd. - Murbad, Mayank Auto - Greater Noida and MARS Industries Ltd. - Gurgaon. The winners get everything ... 9 10 11 1213 14 15 161) Mr. Ashok M.inthere speaks during the meeting in August; 2) Silver MCL-PN; Bronze awards; 3) MSIL, Ltd - Pune; 4) M.inthere Furukawa Electric Pvt Ltd -Bawal; 5) M.inthere SAI Ltd, GN; 6) M.inthere Silca Engg Pvt Ltd- GN; 7) M.inthere Valeo Security System Pvt. Ltd.- Pune; 8) MCL (Security System), GN; Recommendation for Special Achievements 9) MCL (Security System) - Pune, 10) MC Ltd. (Die casting company), GN; 11) MCLtd. (Die Casting Company) - Pune; 12) MCLtd. (Plastics Department) - Pune; 13) M.inthere SAI Ltd. - kakkalur; 14) M.inthere SAI Ltd. - Murbad, 15) Mayank Auto - GN; 16) MARS Industries Ltd. - Gurgaon. 17

ajender 2013 mindajanuary: Layout 1 10/11 /2013 3:00 PM Page 181. Conference on Technology and Innovation1 2 34MMSL1) MCL & MSIL receive top prize for best NPD process 2) MCL receives trophy for best Einsentence of the IPR process 3) MARS team receives special award for the Einset of the IPR process 4) MSIL receives trophy for the best Einset of technologyThe 1st from Spark M.inthere, Ashok M.inthereGroup conference on technology and innovation took place on September 27-28, 2012 in MCL - Noida instead. The two-day event at corporate level was organized by the corporate business development department. The event offered einePlatform for the exchange between designers and technologists of the group companies and aims at the creation of einhe culture of innovation in the group. The conference was chaired by Mr. RamMohan, Mr. Ashim Vohra and Dr. P. Elangovan inne.Mr Hardeep S.inMCL's gh Arora was selected as a protagonist for the technology and innovation conference. Participating group companies and operations were: MCL - Noida, MCL (Die Casting Division), MCL (Aftermarket Division), MVSSPL, MSIL, MSL - Greater Noida, MCL (Plastics Division) - Pune, MFE. On day 1, all group companies and operations gave their presentations on the process they were following on innovation and technology. The presentations highlighted the process required to implement customer ideas to create einOn the 2nd day the expert, Mr. Ram Mohan, eine Presentation on the topic of 'How to create einInnovation culture and how are innovations protected ‘. The presentation was followed by einintern work seminar, in 3 teams were formed from our group companies, each team from einem pioneer, each team presented ininnovative ideas that emerged during the working session and the respective companies agreed to these ideas in your future product developmentinclosedingen. For these two days, eineTechnologyhow organized to the inTo showcase innovative products from our group companies. At this technology show, einoutside companies, such as Ms. Creative Infocom, Sphinx worldbiz & Global Info System Technology, participated and presented their services in the field of technology and innovation. Various group companies and operations received awards in different categories, such as MCL & MSIL for the best NPD process, MCL for the best Einsentence of the IPR process, MARS would receiveinen special price for the Einset of the IPR process and MSIL for the best EinThe 1st Technology and InnovationConference of Spark M.inthere, AshokM.inthere Group was held on 27th & 28th September 2012 at MCL - Noida. Thetwo day Group level event what conducted by Group Business Excellence Department. The event gave a platform to designers forininteraction between technologists of groupcocompanies and was aimed at creating a cultureof innovation in the Group.The Conference was chaired by Mr. RamMohan, Mr. Ashim Vohra and Dr. PElangovan. Mr. Hardeep S.ingh Arora fromMCL, was selected as Champion for theTechnology & Innovation Conference.The Business Groups / Units participatedwere: MCL - Noida, MCL (Diecasting Div.), MCL (Aftermarket Div.), MVSSPL, MSIL, MSL - Greater Noida, MCL (Plastic Div.) –Pune, MFE. On the 1st day, all BGs / Units give their presentations on the process followed by them for Innovation & Technology. On the 2nd day, the expert Mr. RamMohan gave presentation on ‘How to create an Innovation Culture and Protecting Innovations’.The expert presentation was followed by aninternal workshop. In the workshop 3 teams from our BGs were made and each team washeaded by a Champion.Each team presented innovative ideascaptured majoring the session and the concernedcompanies agreed to implement these ideas intheir future products.For these two days a Tech Show was also organized to demonstrate the innovative products of our business Group companies. In this Tech Show some external companiesincluding: Ms. Creative Infocom, Sphin