What is the MACOSX folder in Windows

Shares between Mac & PC: Here's how!

In addition to cloud services, the best method for regular data exchange between Mac and PC is the local network. Often the Windows PC simply stops after moving to the Mac. Either as a small insurance for the transition period or partly because there are programs that cannot be replaced by Mac apps or that simply work better on a real PC than with Boot Camp or in a Windows simulation. Perhaps you will no longer receive new drivers for connected peripheral devices. Sometimes the used PC is simply not worth selling, and it is too good to dispose of.

Set up shares

Both systems can easily share folders and volumes with the other in the local network. This enables quick and easy data exchange between the two computer worlds. In the following workshops we explain how to do this. If the Mac has become the main computer, we recommend activating the share on the PC and then only turning it on as required, but that is ultimately a matter of personal taste. Once set up, the transfer works in both directions.

In case you are a little surprised as a Windows user: We deliberately did not use the easiest way of sharing in the workshop, but one that can be flexibly adapted to many situations and network environments. The Windows “home network group”, which relieves the user of a lot of configuration work, is not suitable for integrating other systems, for example.

Product notice

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Use PC printer on Mac

If you have connected a USB printer under Windows, you can also share it in the network and use it from your Mac. We explain how this works at the end of the second workshop.

If the Mac and PC cannot find each other in the network, a different workgroup is often to blame. If you have changed the “Workgroup” presetting under Windows, you must also adjust this on the Mac. To do this, open the network settings. Select the active interface and click More Options. You can enter the working group under "WINS".

Workshop: Using Mac Share with the PC

Workshop: Share folders and printers under Windows for the Mac